Short Update - Stay Tuned!

Well, I was meaning to update at Yonatan's 15 month's. However, that didn't happen. He is 18 months today!!! I will be doing a big update after his well check appointment on the 1st of August. I feel bad that I haven't kept up on this. So much has happened that I wish I would have documented it better! Live and learn!

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Brown Bear Brown Bear Birthday Party! Yonatan Turned 1!!!

Can you believe that this little guy is one?

How fast the year went! Honestly, time really is flying. I was thinking yesterday how the first few months were just kind of a fog/blur. I think it was just because I was exhausted and a new mom. But I know someone who just had her 6th baby and she is like that right now. So maybe it isn't the new mom thing. It has been such a joy to watch my little boy go from newborn and infant stage to toddler stage. I am so blessed and lucky to be his mama!

We had his birthday party on the Saturday after his birthday. But I did take his 12 month picture (above) on his birthday as well as this from Steak N Shake. Thought this outfit was very fitting because of the balloon for him to wear on his birthday. We went to Steak N Shake with his Grandma :)

So, on January 30th we had his party at the church. I decided that the theme was going to be Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? by Eric Carle & Bill Martin Jr. I think it turned out great. The pictures are in no particular order and there are many. Let me know your favorite! Yonatan really liked his party. Not a lot of people showed up for his party but at least some did.  There was an out of town conference that had been rescheduled from the previous week and a few families that were going to come were already signed up to attend the conference.  Anyways, we had tons of food left over! Next time, I won't plan on how many people actually said they were going to come. I'll go at least 10 less. But I guess better safe to have more than not enough! 

This banner took a couple hours to do... I could have got it done
sooner but Yonatan was awake most of the time that I did it.

Yonatan's Smash Cake and Cupcakes

Gift table

1-12 Months Progression

Coloring & Activity Table

Why you interrupting my play time Mama?

Pasta Pickups while everyone else eats too.

So glad that Travis' dad came. Yonatan was happy to see Grandpa.

After we sang happy birthday he started to poke his fingers through the cake.
He liked it but not as much as I thought he would.

Daddy had to help out since Yonatan didn't want to get messy or grab any cake for himself.

This is my favorite photo :) What is yours?

Abby is playing with the Heads & Tails game from the Activity table.

One of the photo props being used. I had a pack of photo props
that a lot of us used but didn't get too many pictures with my camera.

Happy Birthday To You!

I will post soon about his 1 year doctor appointment and stats given there. :) My boy is growing up. Fast.

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11 month update!

Yonatan is officially 1 now. He is actually days away from being 13 months old! Here is his 11 month update.

He started spitting his food out this month. I am not sure if it was a texture thing or not. On the note of spitting his food out, he really sticks his tongue out now. 

He likes sorting his alphabet blocks in the activity cube. He is so smart.

He jumps. Yes, he likes to hold onto the bed rails and jump. It is the cutest thing.

He loves Fisher Price Videos. Especially Let's Go To The Farm. I love the Fisher Price Puppy Player App. I just figured out how to do a playlist for the videos. It is great for the times he is fussy whether we are out of the house or at home. He loves it so much that I do have to limit it. I don't let him watch much of anything. He mainly plays with all his toys and looks at his books.

He started walking for real during his 11 month. He walked across the room from Travis to me. Took about 8 to 9 steps and has been taking steps ever since. Still prefers crawling most of the time though because he is much faster that way. He stands up without holding on.

He has learned how to wave. 

Due to a tooth coming in, he has been biting a lot.  

He is starting to babble and talk so much now. He is getting pretty close to repeating things. He sings "la la la." He has a lot of words now. Mama, Dada, Lalala, Good, Baba, Nite nite, Ah Ah Ah Ah (for a monkey sound)... I know there are more. 

What to expect in my blog posts now. From here on out I may post here and there. Especially if something new happens and I just want to post about it so make sure you are following me. 

I know I have been promising videos and I am going to be starting those soon. I may do one that is from when he was younger and then a recent or vice versa and so on. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube account: HERE 

I will be posting about his birthday party and some 12 month old pictures. Look for that post to go up tomorrow. 

Here are some 11 month photos. 

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