It is worth the coupon... And I can give it to a friend :)


Pink Dyson Contest is Over.

Oh, I deleted the Pink Dyson button because it is over. I didn't win. *sigh* haha It's okay. It isn't like I like vacuuming anyway.

Wanting a bambino.

Long awaited blogging... lol

So, not much has really been going on in the neighborhood besides Pompilio's food always making me hungry when I go out the door.

Had BK for breakfast... Sat there and enjoyed company with MIL and Granny. Then I came back home and I cleaned house today... well not to my whole liking but I would need a few days to do that... and Travis would have to be home otherwise, I'd toss things that he might need!
Hmmm, Bro. Owens is supposed to be preaching tonight.... It should be great... I am not sure if I will be hearing him or not... It all depends if we have Children's Church or not. I am really hoping not. I don't have anything planned for it. Haha.

I think Travis and I finally came to the agreement to TTC Numero Uno. Which makes me happy cause we both do want a bambino! Should be fun even if it could take awhile! *grin*

Ohhh, this has nothing to do with the above. But, while coming off of work a few days ago, I saw this.

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Yes, the Oscar Meyer Hot Dog! I guess they are going around the country to get kids to sing the song.. and those kids could win big.

Here is a recent picture of my husband and I... this was taken one night after church at Gold Star. Mmmm Chili!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*dreamy sign* Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket My Handsome Hubby! He is great!

Citi is supposed to be calling me back soon.. They called the other day and I have tried to call the lady in Human Resources but she is out of her office this week because of the holidays. I guess... I keep getting her answering machine. And I don't like it! LOL I wanted to give a two weeks notice to Walmart.. but I guess I won't be because she hasn't gotten back with me. I will be giving a one week notice. It should be alright because Robyn and Rachel are back working at Walmart as CSS.. so I won't be making it that impossible for the company when I do leave.
Okay well that is all for now...

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Pink Dyson

Win a Dyson “Pink” Vaccuum in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Just wanted to let everyone in on this... I hope I win. I'd love a Dyson! Anyways, enter yourself.. cause if I don't win. Maybe you will!



Well, I am obviously sitting here bored with nothing to do... Otherwise, I wouldn't be blogging! I really hope one day that I'll be able to blog daily like I used to back when I blogged on diary-x.com. HMMM. Anyways, we got our entertainment center up! I am sooo excited. You just do not know! Here is a picture of it.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (btw, I took this picture with my new cell phone. Samsung BlackJack)

It took us forever!

I am so glad it is up.. I love it. We really need to get a newer tv though. I wanna get a 32 inch flat. It would look so much better on the center.

Well, starting last Sunday I have been on vacation. We haven't really did anything other than stay here and go out to eat. We put up the entertainment center yesterday after we ate at Pasquale's. It was good... We just got in today from Taco Bell. I seriously love Mexican places.. and Taco Bell. I wouldnt consider it authentic mexican. LOL We are leaving for church in about an hour. Tomorrow, we will go down to Chosen Conference. I guess we will be commuting back and forth rather than staying down there. I rather stay down there.. but I guess commuting back and forth will save us a little money. We might stay down there on Friday night though and then go to the service on Saturday and then come home. I am not sure what he is gonna do yet.
Hmmm, well, I guess that is all I have to say right at this moment... I am enjoying my time away from Walmart. I wish it was longer. I'll update again when something exciting goes on... Or maybe I'll tell of the services at church or Chosen.

See ya.

Double Posted... oops

More later,
Hey everyone. Had another fun filled day at Walmart today... *rolls eyes* We had a CSM meeting this morning that I am still wondering what in the world we had it for! Nothing new. I mean, there wasn't a thing different that I didn't already know. Oh well. Hopefully, I'll be out of there soon! I got two potential places! One place called me to set up an interview... I just filled out that application last night! I tried calling back but human resources was already gone! So, I'll set it up tomorrow. It will most likely be on Oct 5th in the morning at some time.

The other place, I put an application in the night before last and then replied back.... They are supposed to call me for a 1st interview over the phone at Noon on that same day, Oct. 5th!

I am getting ready to try to apply for another place right now too...

Well, I am too tired to talk about the rest of my day... but church went good... I didn't really get to teach any of my lesson because of the kids misbehaving down stairs.. oh well...

Update again, later.


Okay so, trying to leave off from yesterday...

I ended up going to church... and then we went to Pepper Pod to eat. LOL I had some deep fried pickle spears which were soooo good. :) Definitely will get them again! Had an Eddie's special sandwich too.. it was really good also. I came home and stayed awake until 1 and then got up at 5:30 for work... I was so tired this morning!!

:) I slept all the way to work and then went in dragging! Today went by pretty cool. I mean, it could have been worse. I found out that we are allowed over time this week and I will end up with about 3 hours. Fun Fun.

Tomorrow night I am going to a scrapbooking crop! I need to get that stuff together. I also have laundry to fold in the other room and a whole bunch of other stuff that I could be doing.. like putting an application in online at a few places. Ah, the joy of procrastination.

I could go on about my dad after work and how the Stroganoff that I made was wonderful but I wont... Anyways, I gotta work tomorrow so I better get something done. Or at least try too!

Long awaited update...

Praise Him! I used to always start my blogs out like that... I know remember this. Anyways, above everything that does go on, Jesus must be praised.

Yes, I am starting back... well, not an actual college. Kentucky Bible Institute to be exact! I am excited. I am teaching one of the classes which is Bible Introduction and the other 3 this semester I will be included in. Bought be some mechanical pencils tonight. Oh Yeah! I still need to get a 5 subject notebook.. I think this would be valuable since there are 4 classes... I think that is all I really need... The binder is being taken care of buy the school... Actually my husband is the one in charge of it... kinda... He reports to the vice president of KBI. Anyways, I will have a non-accredited degree in Biblical Studies I think it is. Either way, I think it will help me grow spiritually... Although, it may weaken me physically... ROFL


I am still hunting for another job... I am looking into several places... I haven't the time the last couple of days to fill out any applications online.

Instead of staying home and cleaning, I went to Wal-mart for a CSM meeting at 8 AM. Stayed there for an hour (I better get paid for the hour) and then left. I came back home but didn't make it inside. Granny and MIL asked me if I wanted to go to Susie's house and see the baby... I said yes. So, we went. The house is huge! The yards are big.. She owns 2 acres of land. The rooms are oh so cute! There is even a room for her dogs. LOL Anyways, William Henry was adorable. I got to hold him. He is so tiny. He is premature. *sigh* Kinda brought back a little of that baby fever... LOL
Well, we ended up going to Walgreens to do the photos that we got... and then we went to tea break at Burger King... and then over to Kmart. I bought two tanks to wear under other shirts and another blouse. We went back over to Walgreens and got the pictures and then I came home... I didn't do anything productive... I called Robyn back... got the machine. I ended up taking my shower and started to get ready for church. She called me back and we talked until Travis got home. I finished getting ready for church... and then we left.

I'll try to finish sharing tomorrow... it is now 1 AM and I have to be at work at 7. Thus I will have to get up around 5:35... maybe I'll finish after taking my shower...

Till then.


Okay, I am updating... :)

Liz, I have been around! I just read that comment of yours.

The endoscopy went good.. my throat was sore later that day but the next morning it was RAW. It is still kinda tender as if maybe it is bruised slightly.. I don't see any bruises though. I should get the results back tomorrow... I was supposed to talk to them yesterday but was working when they called me.

I have been sick the last few days though.. with acid reflex extremely bad... giving me chest pains. *sigh* I was wanting to stay home from work but didn't... I may have it again tomorrow. I hope not.. I think I am gonna try an old remedy of baking soda and water and see if it knocks it. The medicine they gave me surely isn't helping out recently!

Well, we are ordering Papa Johns! Yea, I know it isn't gonna do my HB any good... I didn't get it last time I had Papa Johns though.

I'll update more later or tomorrow.


Need Prayer in the Morning around 9 AM

Sitting here needing to go to bed. I am having an endoscopy done about 7 hours from now... Yea, fun. I know. It could be an ulcer... it could be just gerds. Hopefully, they find nothing..... but I have been having indigestion, acid reflex, and heartburn. Yippee. Haha. Just joking because it is horrible...

I'll post after it. I am sure... since I won't be able to talk to anyone. They say my throat will be raw. :(

I think I'll head to bed.

Oh, we had an awesome service tonight.


Long Day.

Well, today has been a long day... We woke up and got ready for church this morning. Got there early. We didn't have church as usual... we started a hour later because we had a 5th Sunday service and a "Fiesta" dinner afterwards.

I stopped off at Kroger and bought 3 cartons of sour cream... then I got to the church a few minutes after 9 and once Bro. Martine got there I helped roll burritos (They were salty though.) They had all kinds of mexican foods... I left their full.

I rode with my husband as he took the van routes home... then called Connie after that while waiting on him at the church...

We left and came home... I was still on the phone with Connie... haha! We went and got ready and left for his company picnic. They gave away a computer and a digital camera... both things we had. LOL They didn't pull our names anyways! *smiles* We left there at 8:45... and now I am home. I took a small nap I guess... I think I dosed off for a bit.. and Travis came in and pulled me out of the bed to come out here with him. He wanted me to watch a church service on ABNGlobal. He isn't even watching it.. He is listening to it.. so I guess I am sorta kinda doing the same.

I checked all of my "places" and I am sitting here.. I figured I would give an update... I was going to call my parents but I will try my hardest to do that tomorrow.

Anyways, when visiting one of my places I saw that congratulations were due to a wonderful couple... so congrats to Liz and Chris who will in 9 months or so have a new addition! :) I am still awing!

Night you all.


Not much happened today.

Nothing exciting today. I left from work at 3:30 to cut some overtime... I still have 2 hours to cut. Anyways, I came home checked email, folded some whites, fell asleep! I woke up around 7:30 and looked at the clock... went back to sleep! and MIL woke me up around 8:30 and I started dinner. I made Breaded Chicken Tenderloins, Chicken and Broccoli Rice-a-roni, and herb and butter mashed potatoes. It was good.
Travis just got home.. he took out the trash and then I made him a plate and now I am sitting here.. trying to figure out what to do for the next hour! I might watch an episode of 7th Heaven. Or I could play Sims 2. I think I will save Sims 2 for tomorrow. LOL


Storms, why are they the way they are?

So, I've missed a few days in blogging... Oppsy. Things get busy and well, I just feel like updating on those busy days. Or I just do not feel like typing that much. Did you ever notice that when you blog you are typing way too much. Ha. Just joking. I feel that way sometimes though. "I don't think I am gonna update because that would require me to type alot." Oh well. I am here now and that is what matters!

We had a great Kids Power Hour in the AM... We went to Dewey's on the Levee after Sunday School... We decided to go with Tiffhanie (She had never been there) who brought along Taylor, her cousin. Well, the clouds were dark and we could tell it was going to rain. So, I told my husband to grab the umbrella because I figured by the time we walk down it would start to rain. And Boy did it ever! We got caught in a thunder storm. I saw the lightning flash and all of a sudden it thundered so loud that it scared me!!! Poor Taylor, who is afraid of thunderstorms started to cry and wanted to walk back 3 blocks when we could easily cross the street and be at the levee. So we ended up crossing the street. We went to the restrooms and kinda composed ourselves. I pushed the air dryer downward towards my face and hair. It didn't help out much but it did an okay job for what I had to go with! So, we ate at Dewey's and then came home!

Bro. Enmen (District Youth Leader's Dad) came and preached a word to us. He preached a message about apostolic revival with demonstration. It was a great message. I don't have my notes in front of me or other wise I would write more about it and give scripture text! He prophesied to Travis and I. I was running away to the water fountain and Travis told me to come here... I was trying to tell him I was going to get a drink and then he motioned toward Bro. Enmen that he wanted to pray for us, etc. God never seems to fail no matter what. Bro. Enmen letting God use him to speak to me was what I needed. I had been feeling unhappy. (Kinda still am but not as much! I think getting away on this little vacation is what I will need and what will do it.) But, God showed up and made things better!

I will do my best to be all that God wants and be a vessel so that God can use my voice for Him. I wish I could remember all that Bro. Enmen had said. But I can't :(

I worked came home and cooked Stouffer's Lasagna for us and then Travis told me to get ready... I got in the car and he had me close my eyes... I had no clue where we were! At first I knew where we were.. and then he started to turn where there wasn't even turns.. using his turn signal and everything! We ended up at UDF and he bought me some ice cream! YUM.

Tuesday (that'd be yesterday)
The only thing I remember is I worked and went to BK for dinner... Came home and called Robyn about a meeting they told us about on Monday. And found out if she was going to pick me up or not... Settled that then I was told to come into the bedroom by my husband who was studying on his laptop on the bed. And he told me that there was a mouse underneath the bed. And he had me looking... I couldn't see a thing and he pointed out his laptop mouse that had fallen... I started cracking up but I could have hit him so hard! Haha.

Today, I got up, got ready... Robyn (another CSS from work) picked me up at 7:00. We drove to Walmart clocked in.. and went to Brierwood Hall in Hebron for a Labor Relations meeting. (It was cold in that place. Oh and the cookies they had there were so good. I am still wondering where they got them! And the pizza for lunch that they served was yummy too.) The meeting lasted until 12 something... we went back to Walmart did a CBL of questions and then we clocked out and she dropped me back off here. I told her we would have to hang out some time else when not work related!

So, now I am sitting here.. having typed out a prayer list that my hubby was supposed to do for Bro. Smith... waiting on my Ramen noodles to soak in the water so that I can eat them! LOL Healthy I know. I am glad I updated... maybe I'll have another one later.

Oh and I finished Loving Tenderness (the inspirational romance that I was reading.) Very good book! :) Any books that you think I would enjoy reading... or that you like that you want to share... leave me a comment. I like to read every once in a while. I am trying to get back in the habit.


Yard Sales.

Granny and MIL had a yard sale today! We got $14 from some of the stuff that sold. Not bad considering Travis and I were not here to do the sale... It is nice having someone else sale for you! Haha. I'd like to take a Saturday off just to go to yard sales. I saw so many today.. but couldn't go to them :(

Seriously going to be hunting for another job! :) I get underpaid for what I do at Walmart. Of course it is probably going to be that way every where... but I think I can do better! No, I KNOW I can do better.

Besides, I am ready to leave retail!

Hey, Liz, I am so sorry that you woke up with a bad case of heartburn. Tums can be good friends, indeed! I am afraid that lately I have been needing something better/stronger than it... and Protonix has been there for me! Haha. Oh and how is H&R coming along?

Well, I think I am gonna read a bit before going to bed. Oh and I am gonna pray that I don't wake up with heartburn.. cause we had Gold Star for dinner around 8:00! Ha.

Nighty Night.

SouthView - contemporary southren cuisine!

I failed to mention that on Thursday we went to SouthView at Newport on the Levee. It was really good! I wish we could have gone at lunch hours though cause there were some items on that menu that I wanted to try.. Oh well... I told hubby that we would have to go back.

So, ladies and gents... If you are looking for a high class place. Dinner entree prices range from $18 to $26 during dinner hours.

Now Travis and I ordered BBQ Chicken with Grilled Corn Succotash. He got a side of Whipped Potatoes with SouthView Herb Butter and I got the 24-hour Mac‘n’Cheese Classic as a side. I have to say I tried some of his potatoes and they were good.. But their Mac n Cheese is too die for. Okay maybe not literally.... however, I might have just spent the $18 dollars on it! (If I was wealthy enough. HAHA) I definitely love me some good cooking.

I couldn't finish my chicken and some of the succotash so it came home with me. I'll eat it tomorrow so that it doesn't go to waste. Or I'll let hubby eat it!


Hearburn Update?

So, I said I would start writing in this thing better! And about 22 hours later, here I am again! :) Well I got into the doctor today at 4:45 pm.. Luckily she was able to schedule me in.

So, Mom-in-law calls me and wants to know if I want to go to BK with her and Granny. I decide to and get a Veggie Burger and Side Salad from there. And then I come back home and since Mom-in-law couldn't take me to the doctor's because of her doctor appt at 4... she had Okey (her brother) take me and drop me off. Her and Father-in-law come in before I was even asked back to the room. So, they waited in the lobby the whole time I was in the doctor's office... I was in there waiting for about an hour.

Well, the doctor gave me some more Protonix (a more expensive Prilosec) and is having a lady call me tomorrow to schedule an endoscopy. She said I could have an ulcer... Just a small test to see what is up if anything. So, I'd ask all of you that are reading this to pray for me! (In one of the forums I go to, a friend said she likes the endoscopys for the drugs... haha that is bad isn't it. Mom-in-law said that they drug you up really good... so yay for drugs! Just kidding!)

Oh about the blister on my foot. She told me to keep a very close eye on it. With diabetes, we want no infections... To let it pop on its own and she gave me a prescription of antibiotics if it happens to get "angry." If not then I throw the script away!

Well, I got to get a few things done within the next 45 minutes! I need to fold some laundry, clip some coupons, and then try to go to bed! I work from ten to seven tomorrow.



Heartburn and Blisters!

Hello Bloggers! Well, I am really going to try writing in here more often only because I'd love to look back on it and read what I have wrote, if you know what I mean! Anyways, on to today... well yesterday... er, let's just say it is almost 2 am and I haven't gone to bed yet! So about 7-11-07..

My day went okay. It could have been better without dealing with the heartburn today. I thought I would have had to go home early but I stuck it out because I didn't want to leave Brandi there by herself! The heartburn has been around for weeks. I did go to the doctor and she gave me some Protonix and it seemed to help for the time she gave it to me... but I ended up getting it again. I haven't really changed anything in my diet although I could really help myself out in doing so... I know the heartburn isn't coming from diet I don't think. It all started with eating some chili though a long while back and I woke up the next morning with severe heaviness in my chest. I know it was just heartburn though.. But with it being long lasting I am worried it could be something else. Although I have faith that whatever it is God will heal me, I still think I need to go to the doctor. So, I am going to try my best to get in before 11 AM tomorrow.. or today whichever you choose to call it! I'll call it tomorrow cause I haven't slept yet!

Also, I have a blister on my right foot... right below my big toe.. I don't know how to treat it beings I am a diabetic... I don't want to pop it myself because that can cause infection! So, I am going to ask the doctor about that too... Oh and my "Soda" brand shoes that I got a shoe carnival back in Dec.. have finally died... *sniff* but I think they also caused the evil blister (although they never caused a blister before... I am just blaming them because that is what I had on my feet all day long)! So, I am gonna have to find some new comfy brown shoes...

Church went good tonight.. My wonderful husband preached the Word tonight... Regardless of what he thinks, I think he did a great job preaching out of Romans... He titled it "Conformed or Transformed?" People were just scatter brained tonight and didn't seem to get it. He preached what God had given him that is for sure.. And I know that the Word that was brought forth will not come back void!

After church we went to Applebee's and I had a Chicken Fajitas Wrap and fries. It was good. Didn't even worsen the heartburn!

Well, that is all I am going to write for now... I am getting even more tired! Be blessed.


Getting ready to get ready

Wow. What a great title huh. I am getting ready to get ready for church... well here as soon as I make this post. I haven't the slightest idea of what I am gonna be wearing though. I have been getting sick of the same old clothes.... I'd wish someone would pour down a bag of hand-me downs or something! Or maybe even getting a shopping spree to a clothing store. LOL

Anyways, I am stuffed kinda. I could go for some ice cream before church though... LOL I know that seems crazy. Oh well... Anyways, I best get ready!!!! It will take me a while to find something to wear!

Leave comments. Be blessed.


1:00 AM, and I am updating.

So, I am updating my Quicken... Or at least trying to. We have to come up with a budget for several reasons. We can do better. I know this. Shoot. We could probably do so much better that I could cut down to part-time. LOL Not that doubtful!

Anyways, I should be going to bed after this I think. LOL Hopefully it updates correctly!

Keep me in your prayers. My blood pressure was up today... and I don't have blood pressure problems!!!


Wal-mart, the love of my life

So, I am getting kinda tired... It is 12:30 AM and I know we will probably head to bed soon. We have church in the morning as always on a Sunday! LOL I haven't a clue what we are doing when it comes to Kids Power Hour though. My pastor's wife did not call me to let me know what I will be doing. So, I am gonna take a lesson and take a craft so that I have both ends covered. We may be listening to Bro. Robbie Knox speak though. He is supposed to be at our church tomorrow morning and night.

So, Walmart. Good old stinkin' Walmart. Gotta love the fact that Varda is on vacation. Wahoo! Oh, and Walmart is definitely NOT (I repeat) NOT the love of my life. Haha.. It is a catchy title you must admit.

So, Sam the CSS, is really slow at catching on. I don't mean to be mean either. It is just that I was doing pulls today and I let her take over for a while with Christian's keys and with the palm pilot. She wasn't giving my cashier's their breaks/lunches. She totally does not know how to run the board. She told me she wanted to come in one day and work along side with me but just work on learning the board. It isn't hard it is a piece of paper that is a table with the cashier's names and the hours that they work plus the time that their breaks are! All you do is look and see what time their break is and send them! Easy as making buttered bread! And it doesn't take a rocket scientist! Robyn just started a few weeks ago as a new CSS and she has caught on perfectly fine! Sam had been training for a few weeks prior to Robyn and still hasn't figured it out! LOL

Oh love it.

Well that is my rant. I am sure to write more tomorrow if I remember.


So Much On My Mind...

I was in the worst of moods when I came home from work today... Actually, it was on way home from work. I blamed it on my husband of course... what an easy target... he takes it in so wonderfully. I told him that "I just didn't want what we got for dinner." He went straight to the frozen food section and got whatever he wanted and then I searched for something to eat. I really didn't want microwavable food. Actually, I would have preferred going out some where. Yes, we do that alot lately. No not good on the pocket book... Today, was his payday so I figured maybe we would. You never know. I even told Missy and Dave earlier today, 'Travis should take me out for dinner. Today is his payday.' *sigh* So, I told him what I told her and he was like, "I should." And that is all he said. Well, I would he would have finished that sentence. Oh well.

Too explain my mood...

I have so much on my mind...

(My Job)
I can't say that I hate it with a passion because you know I don't. It is a job and well unfortunately I have to have one. I know what I have to do to get another one, it is just that I can't seem to find time, energy, and patience to do it! I'd love a job where I know what hours I work daily and what days I can plan things on! If I could go into business for myself I would. I would love to work 7 to 4 Mon thru Friday... Maybe even less hours on Friday. Who works like this? I know a few. Anyways, onward....

(My Age)
Yes, my age has been bothering me. I have noticed more and more grey hairs. *shocked face* And more and more little health issues each day. It scares me really. I don't want a full head of grey hair by 30... Although, I know it could happen. I'd color my hair if people around me didn't think it was vanity. Oh well... And yes, I know I just need to start taking care of myself... and I do try. It is just sometimes the market gets the best of me and I want that sugar that I am not supposed to have... *sigh*

Well, where do I even start here? I am that child bearing age where I want to start a family. Right now, I know we can't afford it... Because me being able to afford it would be me being able to stay home with the child. So, that may never even happen. Anyways, what I want to say is that I have baby fever. It hasn't gone away, in fact it has been there for QUITE some time now.
Relatives? Where are they? They are in WV. Not talking about In-laws. They are in this area and I see them almost daily! I love them dearly too. However, I really miss my family in West Virginia. I have missed some key events since being married... Bubby's death, Tyson's Birth... and Dew and Lisa's little one that is on its way... I wish someone from up there could come visit me. I'll eventually make it up there this summer. I miss Mom and Dad the most of course. Time is having an affect on their age too.. They aren't as young as they used to be. Not as strong either. Sometimes, I wish I could shed a few years away and go and do things differently.

I want to be the best I can be for God. I know I have slacked in alot of areas. However, these next few months I hope to get that back... back on track... Read more, pray more, witness more, devote more. Get in tune. See what God wants to do for this Turn Around Church in 2007. See where He wants to take Travis and I. Oh... and I want to bless Him... cause if I know if I bless Him, he will bless me in return. And I don't want to let any rocks cry out in my place... I want to do it before the rocks.

I was thinking earlier that I am tired of the same old same old. I am tired of just coming home tonight, getting on the computer, sitting around, making dinner, sitting around more. How boring is that? I mean, really, from as far back as '98... I can see a routine that I have been STUCK in. How do you get out of routine? We were raised that way too... if you think about it... You get up, you do this, do this, go to school, do this, do homework... yadda yadda... All boring. Anyways, maybe I should do some handstands (if I could)or something. Join some sort of club.. I don't know... go back to school??? Maybe finding a new job will help in that sort.

Enough for now,
I am going to bed. I work tomorrow at 9. At least it isn't until 11!


I am hungry... however, on to something important...

My group, LighthouseChildrensChurch, has just kicked off its fundraising campaign and this year, we've found a new way to raise money. It's fast and easy for you to help support our cause!

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If you have not already done so, I hope that you will take a few minutes of your time to help support our cause. Just click the link below to go to our online magazine store and help support our cause!

Thanks everyone. Now I think I will find some food... or get some food from somewhere...


So, I was sick yesterday and called in... and ugh, I had to do the same thing again today. I had major indigestion or something and stomach issues. So, I went to the doctor today at 10:45 and she prescribed me some medication. I took one as soon as I left her office! Haha. And it is starting to help... Yay! Good thing is I'll be able to be paid for missing today!

Gonna go make myself useful and play SIMS 2. ROFL

Or maybe go take a sleepy sleep!


Stomach Aches

I called in sick today, was supposed to go there at noon and work until nine... I am having some stomach problems so I'd rather stay home with them than go to work and complain about it all day... plus not sure how much I will be in/near the potty!

I was gonna try to go back to sleep but it isn't working. So I figured I'd get on here for a bit... I should do some cleaning.. laundry, clean of desk... few dishes... make myself useful... if I can get around to feeling like doing it.

Sugar is doing alright... I checked it... I am thinking about eating something here shortly for breakfast.


My sugar got low today... I had a really good feeling it was low when I couldn't make sense in what I was wanted to say and when I would just make up off the wall sentences... LOL and I was lightheaded, dizzy..

I hope my sugar isn't like this in the morning... It is alright now...

Well, not much to write about... I talked to Mom and Dad today... that is always a wonderful thing. I miss them both alot!

I love my husband.


*Sighs* *smiles* I love my husband... I miss him right now too...

I have to work from two to eleven tonight... too long of a day without having him hold me.

Yea, I am in one of those sappy moods.. I don't know why... But I do know I love him!



So, I should have money in my account within the next 40 minutes. I couldn't be more happy to be getting paid.. Too bad that my check will be gone in no time though. Extremely sad, I know.

So, Wal-mart has once again became the place that I most dread going to. That didn't last long. I mean I got a promotion to Supervisor position and was once again enjoying my job... A month or so passes by and it is old. I am ready to move on to something that I can enjoy!

I am officially job searching again.

I would have more to post by I just can't think of what to write. Writer's Block I guess... ha.


Deviled Eggs

Well, I just finished making Deviled Eggs for tomorrow's dinner following service at 11:00! They look good. :) I was going to take a picture but forgot and already put press and seal over them! :) They look elegant on my crystal platter... it is cute.

Well, it is almost 3:30 AM so I should be going to bed now... I don't want to fuss in the morning!


Off to work I go...

Well I have to finish getting ready for work (2-11). But I just wanted to stop by and say that I applied for a job online. And I hope that Bank of Kentucky calls me for an interview! I want to get out of Walmart. And get on with a real life with real hours! LOL

Oh and Subway of Ft. Wright overcharges before for a bagel and cream cheese.. So, I wouldn't get that if you go there. They charge you for an omelet sandwich instead of what the sign reads.

Well, I better go finish getting ready!


Last couple of days...

The only thing I remember is that I was about to quit Walmart that morning! That is how ticked off I was.

Oh I also cleaned up some yesterday... and hang up a few decor items! I am so excited to be doing something around the house and getting off my lazy butt. haha!


Woke up sick! Travis' gave me whatever he has... Which I think he got from some Bus Kids from church! I survived the day of work.. and we will see if I survive tomorrow. I have a sore scratchy throat.

Made dinner (Mac N Cheese, Turkey Burgers, Baked Beans), did some laundry and dishes today that is about it.

Special thanks to my husband for taking me to Dairy Queen on the way home from work. I got a blizzard.. Basically had dessert before dinner. He is great.


The Holy Ghost Will Take The Chicken Out Of You.

Okay, so I know that It's a Blog World After All is not original... but it is cute.

Well, I taught about the Holy Ghost today in Sunday School... Gotta love my four and five year olds... I asked a review question today. What happened when Peter preached to Cornelius and the others? A little girls answer was "the devil." HELLO... WRONG ANSWER! I haven't a clue how she got that answer.. but I asked again and she thought about it and splurted out "people received the Holy Ghost." That my friends is the right answer! Those little ones do make me proud. They answer the questions and out of seven of them, I'd say about 4 of them 100% (the whole time in the class room) paid attention.. It isn't bad at all.

Speaking of them, here is a picture of my Easter class... Six of them are regulars :)
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Go look at this cute video that I found on a friends MySpace... The Holy Ghost Will Take The Chicken Out Of You. Click Now :)
Too Cute, Right? :)

Well, that is it for right now. Oh, had fun this afternoon eating at LaRosa's with Tiff, Megan, and Sarah. :)


District Rally...

Get Ready For Some Pictures :)

Was awesome to say the least! Travis drove the van and 9 other including me went along the ride with him.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket A picture of a few of them in the van on the way down

We had some fun times... We stopped at McDonald's for lunch and our junior youth group just had to have some fun in the playground area... *sighs* So, my husband shot some pictures while they were in there. I didn't even know he was doing it.
It must have been while I was finishing eating my sundae... Ha.
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I put my contacts in before we left McDonald's... Here is a picture of Tiffhanie and me when we were on the road again.
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And here I am with Bug Eyes (what I believe are Taylor's sunglasses)... I think it is a cute picture of me though.

Waiting on the service to start:
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District Youth Leader
Bro. Maroney
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I can't remember the guys name that lead his praise team.. but they did a great job. Here is a picture of him leading and the singer behind him... and then also a picture of some saints praising God during one of the songs.
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And last of the pictures... Bro. Colethorp, the Illinois District Youth President.
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He preached on "Is He in you?" He used powerpoint in his preaching... I have always loved it. :) He showed pictures of people who drink Gatorade. Gatorade's slogan is Is it in You? That is where he got his message from... He compared that slogan to the one he used as his title... I wish I would have got the CD! Sheila and Chris were not sure of what was happening in the service I think. The only thing they were a part of at church is Sunday School... and if you know Sunday School... that is a whole different program than a youth rally service. But it was great to have all of those who went with us! Well, I guess that is all for the time being. I will probably think of something later too...

Maybe even post pictures that Travis and I got done at PictureMe for you all to see!

Hi Bloggers.

Well, I figured I would start a blog here and I will use this one as my main one. Since my friend Liz likes this one the best! I do have one at Xanga, one on Live Journal, and then those other sites like everyonesconnected and tagged.. I blog on those too. I guess I will copy and paste what I say in here to livejournal... Just so if anything happens to this place that I have a back-up. I started blogging on diary-x.com back in 1998 or so I believe... about 4 years ago when I first met my husband that site went down and I lost everything that I had ever wrote... so having a backup sounds great to me. So I will make it my back-up one. I was furious that I lost everything on diary-x... I wrote about births, deaths, relationships... everyday life... and to think that all of it was gone. Oh well. Anyways, today is the day that I will try to get back in the habit of blogging again.