Hi Bloggers.

Well, I figured I would start a blog here and I will use this one as my main one. Since my friend Liz likes this one the best! I do have one at Xanga, one on Live Journal, and then those other sites like everyonesconnected and tagged.. I blog on those too. I guess I will copy and paste what I say in here to livejournal... Just so if anything happens to this place that I have a back-up. I started blogging on back in 1998 or so I believe... about 4 years ago when I first met my husband that site went down and I lost everything that I had ever wrote... so having a backup sounds great to me. So I will make it my back-up one. I was furious that I lost everything on diary-x... I wrote about births, deaths, relationships... everyday life... and to think that all of it was gone. Oh well. Anyways, today is the day that I will try to get back in the habit of blogging again.

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