The Holy Ghost Will Take The Chicken Out Of You.

Okay, so I know that It's a Blog World After All is not original... but it is cute.

Well, I taught about the Holy Ghost today in Sunday School... Gotta love my four and five year olds... I asked a review question today. What happened when Peter preached to Cornelius and the others? A little girls answer was "the devil." HELLO... WRONG ANSWER! I haven't a clue how she got that answer.. but I asked again and she thought about it and splurted out "people received the Holy Ghost." That my friends is the right answer! Those little ones do make me proud. They answer the questions and out of seven of them, I'd say about 4 of them 100% (the whole time in the class room) paid attention.. It isn't bad at all.

Speaking of them, here is a picture of my Easter class... Six of them are regulars :)
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Go look at this cute video that I found on a friends MySpace... The Holy Ghost Will Take The Chicken Out Of You. Click Now :)
Too Cute, Right? :)

Well, that is it for right now. Oh, had fun this afternoon eating at LaRosa's with Tiff, Megan, and Sarah. :)


SylviaM.Clemons said...

hello, i ran across your sight. i am currently looking for this song and found a puppet show that was playing it. So I thought you might like it as well.

SylviaM.Clemons said...

Hi, My name is Sylvia I am from Paragould Ar. I am the children's director in our church. I don't know much about blogging but ran acrossed your's as I stated earlier. I just thought I'd give a little more about myself. The video of a puppet show I found on by typing Peace Tabernacle I have a video of my kids on that same page at the bottom with Jubal we were praying for.