So, I was sick yesterday and called in... and ugh, I had to do the same thing again today. I had major indigestion or something and stomach issues. So, I went to the doctor today at 10:45 and she prescribed me some medication. I took one as soon as I left her office! Haha. And it is starting to help... Yay! Good thing is I'll be able to be paid for missing today!

Gonna go make myself useful and play SIMS 2. ROFL

Or maybe go take a sleepy sleep!


Stomach Aches

I called in sick today, was supposed to go there at noon and work until nine... I am having some stomach problems so I'd rather stay home with them than go to work and complain about it all day... plus not sure how much I will be in/near the potty!

I was gonna try to go back to sleep but it isn't working. So I figured I'd get on here for a bit... I should do some cleaning.. laundry, clean of desk... few dishes... make myself useful... if I can get around to feeling like doing it.

Sugar is doing alright... I checked it... I am thinking about eating something here shortly for breakfast.


My sugar got low today... I had a really good feeling it was low when I couldn't make sense in what I was wanted to say and when I would just make up off the wall sentences... LOL and I was lightheaded, dizzy..

I hope my sugar isn't like this in the morning... It is alright now...

Well, not much to write about... I talked to Mom and Dad today... that is always a wonderful thing. I miss them both alot!

I love my husband.


*Sighs* *smiles* I love my husband... I miss him right now too...

I have to work from two to eleven tonight... too long of a day without having him hold me.

Yea, I am in one of those sappy moods.. I don't know why... But I do know I love him!



So, I should have money in my account within the next 40 minutes. I couldn't be more happy to be getting paid.. Too bad that my check will be gone in no time though. Extremely sad, I know.

So, Wal-mart has once again became the place that I most dread going to. That didn't last long. I mean I got a promotion to Supervisor position and was once again enjoying my job... A month or so passes by and it is old. I am ready to move on to something that I can enjoy!

I am officially job searching again.

I would have more to post by I just can't think of what to write. Writer's Block I guess... ha.