1:00 AM, and I am updating.

So, I am updating my Quicken... Or at least trying to. We have to come up with a budget for several reasons. We can do better. I know this. Shoot. We could probably do so much better that I could cut down to part-time. LOL Not that doubtful!

Anyways, I should be going to bed after this I think. LOL Hopefully it updates correctly!

Keep me in your prayers. My blood pressure was up today... and I don't have blood pressure problems!!!


Wal-mart, the love of my life

So, I am getting kinda tired... It is 12:30 AM and I know we will probably head to bed soon. We have church in the morning as always on a Sunday! LOL I haven't a clue what we are doing when it comes to Kids Power Hour though. My pastor's wife did not call me to let me know what I will be doing. So, I am gonna take a lesson and take a craft so that I have both ends covered. We may be listening to Bro. Robbie Knox speak though. He is supposed to be at our church tomorrow morning and night.

So, Walmart. Good old stinkin' Walmart. Gotta love the fact that Varda is on vacation. Wahoo! Oh, and Walmart is definitely NOT (I repeat) NOT the love of my life. Haha.. It is a catchy title you must admit.

So, Sam the CSS, is really slow at catching on. I don't mean to be mean either. It is just that I was doing pulls today and I let her take over for a while with Christian's keys and with the palm pilot. She wasn't giving my cashier's their breaks/lunches. She totally does not know how to run the board. She told me she wanted to come in one day and work along side with me but just work on learning the board. It isn't hard it is a piece of paper that is a table with the cashier's names and the hours that they work plus the time that their breaks are! All you do is look and see what time their break is and send them! Easy as making buttered bread! And it doesn't take a rocket scientist! Robyn just started a few weeks ago as a new CSS and she has caught on perfectly fine! Sam had been training for a few weeks prior to Robyn and still hasn't figured it out! LOL

Oh love it.

Well that is my rant. I am sure to write more tomorrow if I remember.


So Much On My Mind...

I was in the worst of moods when I came home from work today... Actually, it was on way home from work. I blamed it on my husband of course... what an easy target... he takes it in so wonderfully. I told him that "I just didn't want what we got for dinner." He went straight to the frozen food section and got whatever he wanted and then I searched for something to eat. I really didn't want microwavable food. Actually, I would have preferred going out some where. Yes, we do that alot lately. No not good on the pocket book... Today, was his payday so I figured maybe we would. You never know. I even told Missy and Dave earlier today, 'Travis should take me out for dinner. Today is his payday.' *sigh* So, I told him what I told her and he was like, "I should." And that is all he said. Well, I would he would have finished that sentence. Oh well.

Too explain my mood...

I have so much on my mind...

(My Job)
I can't say that I hate it with a passion because you know I don't. It is a job and well unfortunately I have to have one. I know what I have to do to get another one, it is just that I can't seem to find time, energy, and patience to do it! I'd love a job where I know what hours I work daily and what days I can plan things on! If I could go into business for myself I would. I would love to work 7 to 4 Mon thru Friday... Maybe even less hours on Friday. Who works like this? I know a few. Anyways, onward....

(My Age)
Yes, my age has been bothering me. I have noticed more and more grey hairs. *shocked face* And more and more little health issues each day. It scares me really. I don't want a full head of grey hair by 30... Although, I know it could happen. I'd color my hair if people around me didn't think it was vanity. Oh well... And yes, I know I just need to start taking care of myself... and I do try. It is just sometimes the market gets the best of me and I want that sugar that I am not supposed to have... *sigh*

Well, where do I even start here? I am that child bearing age where I want to start a family. Right now, I know we can't afford it... Because me being able to afford it would be me being able to stay home with the child. So, that may never even happen. Anyways, what I want to say is that I have baby fever. It hasn't gone away, in fact it has been there for QUITE some time now.
Relatives? Where are they? They are in WV. Not talking about In-laws. They are in this area and I see them almost daily! I love them dearly too. However, I really miss my family in West Virginia. I have missed some key events since being married... Bubby's death, Tyson's Birth... and Dew and Lisa's little one that is on its way... I wish someone from up there could come visit me. I'll eventually make it up there this summer. I miss Mom and Dad the most of course. Time is having an affect on their age too.. They aren't as young as they used to be. Not as strong either. Sometimes, I wish I could shed a few years away and go and do things differently.

I want to be the best I can be for God. I know I have slacked in alot of areas. However, these next few months I hope to get that back... back on track... Read more, pray more, witness more, devote more. Get in tune. See what God wants to do for this Turn Around Church in 2007. See where He wants to take Travis and I. Oh... and I want to bless Him... cause if I know if I bless Him, he will bless me in return. And I don't want to let any rocks cry out in my place... I want to do it before the rocks.

I was thinking earlier that I am tired of the same old same old. I am tired of just coming home tonight, getting on the computer, sitting around, making dinner, sitting around more. How boring is that? I mean, really, from as far back as '98... I can see a routine that I have been STUCK in. How do you get out of routine? We were raised that way too... if you think about it... You get up, you do this, do this, go to school, do this, do homework... yadda yadda... All boring. Anyways, maybe I should do some handstands (if I could)or something. Join some sort of club.. I don't know... go back to school??? Maybe finding a new job will help in that sort.

Enough for now,
I am going to bed. I work tomorrow at 9. At least it isn't until 11!


I am hungry... however, on to something important...

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Thanks everyone. Now I think I will find some food... or get some food from somewhere...