Wal-mart, the love of my life

So, I am getting kinda tired... It is 12:30 AM and I know we will probably head to bed soon. We have church in the morning as always on a Sunday! LOL I haven't a clue what we are doing when it comes to Kids Power Hour though. My pastor's wife did not call me to let me know what I will be doing. So, I am gonna take a lesson and take a craft so that I have both ends covered. We may be listening to Bro. Robbie Knox speak though. He is supposed to be at our church tomorrow morning and night.

So, Walmart. Good old stinkin' Walmart. Gotta love the fact that Varda is on vacation. Wahoo! Oh, and Walmart is definitely NOT (I repeat) NOT the love of my life. Haha.. It is a catchy title you must admit.

So, Sam the CSS, is really slow at catching on. I don't mean to be mean either. It is just that I was doing pulls today and I let her take over for a while with Christian's keys and with the palm pilot. She wasn't giving my cashier's their breaks/lunches. She totally does not know how to run the board. She told me she wanted to come in one day and work along side with me but just work on learning the board. It isn't hard it is a piece of paper that is a table with the cashier's names and the hours that they work plus the time that their breaks are! All you do is look and see what time their break is and send them! Easy as making buttered bread! And it doesn't take a rocket scientist! Robyn just started a few weeks ago as a new CSS and she has caught on perfectly fine! Sam had been training for a few weeks prior to Robyn and still hasn't figured it out! LOL

Oh love it.

Well that is my rant. I am sure to write more tomorrow if I remember.

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Rochelle said...

I spend entirely too much money and time at Walmart. Really. And Robbie Knox is a close friend's nephew. They were missionaries to the Republic of Georgia, but he (James Flynn) passed away a couple of years ago. She (Christy Flynn) now goes to her nephew's (Robbie Knox) church. Wheeeew... not sure all that was important, but I thought I would share! LOL!