Hearburn Update?

So, I said I would start writing in this thing better! And about 22 hours later, here I am again! :) Well I got into the doctor today at 4:45 pm.. Luckily she was able to schedule me in.

So, Mom-in-law calls me and wants to know if I want to go to BK with her and Granny. I decide to and get a Veggie Burger and Side Salad from there. And then I come back home and since Mom-in-law couldn't take me to the doctor's because of her doctor appt at 4... she had Okey (her brother) take me and drop me off. Her and Father-in-law come in before I was even asked back to the room. So, they waited in the lobby the whole time I was in the doctor's office... I was in there waiting for about an hour.

Well, the doctor gave me some more Protonix (a more expensive Prilosec) and is having a lady call me tomorrow to schedule an endoscopy. She said I could have an ulcer... Just a small test to see what is up if anything. So, I'd ask all of you that are reading this to pray for me! (In one of the forums I go to, a friend said she likes the endoscopys for the drugs... haha that is bad isn't it. Mom-in-law said that they drug you up really good... so yay for drugs! Just kidding!)

Oh about the blister on my foot. She told me to keep a very close eye on it. With diabetes, we want no infections... To let it pop on its own and she gave me a prescription of antibiotics if it happens to get "angry." If not then I throw the script away!

Well, I got to get a few things done within the next 45 minutes! I need to fold some laundry, clip some coupons, and then try to go to bed! I work from ten to seven tomorrow.


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