Long Day.

Well, today has been a long day... We woke up and got ready for church this morning. Got there early. We didn't have church as usual... we started a hour later because we had a 5th Sunday service and a "Fiesta" dinner afterwards.

I stopped off at Kroger and bought 3 cartons of sour cream... then I got to the church a few minutes after 9 and once Bro. Martine got there I helped roll burritos (They were salty though.) They had all kinds of mexican foods... I left their full.

I rode with my husband as he took the van routes home... then called Connie after that while waiting on him at the church...

We left and came home... I was still on the phone with Connie... haha! We went and got ready and left for his company picnic. They gave away a computer and a digital camera... both things we had. LOL They didn't pull our names anyways! *smiles* We left there at 8:45... and now I am home. I took a small nap I guess... I think I dosed off for a bit.. and Travis came in and pulled me out of the bed to come out here with him. He wanted me to watch a church service on ABNGlobal. He isn't even watching it.. He is listening to it.. so I guess I am sorta kinda doing the same.

I checked all of my "places" and I am sitting here.. I figured I would give an update... I was going to call my parents but I will try my hardest to do that tomorrow.

Anyways, when visiting one of my places I saw that congratulations were due to a wonderful couple... so congrats to Liz and Chris who will in 9 months or so have a new addition! :) I am still awing!

Night you all.


Rochelle said...

You did have a long day! Of course Sundays, which some call the day of rest, is never a restful day to us! LOL!

And isn't that cool about Liz!!!?? YAY FOR HER AND CHRIS!!

Liz said...

where are you Roxanne? where have you been?

*and thanks for the congrats!*