SouthView - contemporary southren cuisine!

I failed to mention that on Thursday we went to SouthView at Newport on the Levee. It was really good! I wish we could have gone at lunch hours though cause there were some items on that menu that I wanted to try.. Oh well... I told hubby that we would have to go back.

So, ladies and gents... If you are looking for a high class place. Dinner entree prices range from $18 to $26 during dinner hours.

Now Travis and I ordered BBQ Chicken with Grilled Corn Succotash. He got a side of Whipped Potatoes with SouthView Herb Butter and I got the 24-hour Mac‘n’Cheese Classic as a side. I have to say I tried some of his potatoes and they were good.. But their Mac n Cheese is too die for. Okay maybe not literally.... however, I might have just spent the $18 dollars on it! (If I was wealthy enough. HAHA) I definitely love me some good cooking.

I couldn't finish my chicken and some of the succotash so it came home with me. I'll eat it tomorrow so that it doesn't go to waste. Or I'll let hubby eat it!

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