Storms, why are they the way they are?

So, I've missed a few days in blogging... Oppsy. Things get busy and well, I just feel like updating on those busy days. Or I just do not feel like typing that much. Did you ever notice that when you blog you are typing way too much. Ha. Just joking. I feel that way sometimes though. "I don't think I am gonna update because that would require me to type alot." Oh well. I am here now and that is what matters!

We had a great Kids Power Hour in the AM... We went to Dewey's on the Levee after Sunday School... We decided to go with Tiffhanie (She had never been there) who brought along Taylor, her cousin. Well, the clouds were dark and we could tell it was going to rain. So, I told my husband to grab the umbrella because I figured by the time we walk down it would start to rain. And Boy did it ever! We got caught in a thunder storm. I saw the lightning flash and all of a sudden it thundered so loud that it scared me!!! Poor Taylor, who is afraid of thunderstorms started to cry and wanted to walk back 3 blocks when we could easily cross the street and be at the levee. So we ended up crossing the street. We went to the restrooms and kinda composed ourselves. I pushed the air dryer downward towards my face and hair. It didn't help out much but it did an okay job for what I had to go with! So, we ate at Dewey's and then came home!

Bro. Enmen (District Youth Leader's Dad) came and preached a word to us. He preached a message about apostolic revival with demonstration. It was a great message. I don't have my notes in front of me or other wise I would write more about it and give scripture text! He prophesied to Travis and I. I was running away to the water fountain and Travis told me to come here... I was trying to tell him I was going to get a drink and then he motioned toward Bro. Enmen that he wanted to pray for us, etc. God never seems to fail no matter what. Bro. Enmen letting God use him to speak to me was what I needed. I had been feeling unhappy. (Kinda still am but not as much! I think getting away on this little vacation is what I will need and what will do it.) But, God showed up and made things better!

I will do my best to be all that God wants and be a vessel so that God can use my voice for Him. I wish I could remember all that Bro. Enmen had said. But I can't :(

I worked came home and cooked Stouffer's Lasagna for us and then Travis told me to get ready... I got in the car and he had me close my eyes... I had no clue where we were! At first I knew where we were.. and then he started to turn where there wasn't even turns.. using his turn signal and everything! We ended up at UDF and he bought me some ice cream! YUM.

Tuesday (that'd be yesterday)
The only thing I remember is I worked and went to BK for dinner... Came home and called Robyn about a meeting they told us about on Monday. And found out if she was going to pick me up or not... Settled that then I was told to come into the bedroom by my husband who was studying on his laptop on the bed. And he told me that there was a mouse underneath the bed. And he had me looking... I couldn't see a thing and he pointed out his laptop mouse that had fallen... I started cracking up but I could have hit him so hard! Haha.

Today, I got up, got ready... Robyn (another CSS from work) picked me up at 7:00. We drove to Walmart clocked in.. and went to Brierwood Hall in Hebron for a Labor Relations meeting. (It was cold in that place. Oh and the cookies they had there were so good. I am still wondering where they got them! And the pizza for lunch that they served was yummy too.) The meeting lasted until 12 something... we went back to Walmart did a CBL of questions and then we clocked out and she dropped me back off here. I told her we would have to hang out some time else when not work related!

So, now I am sitting here.. having typed out a prayer list that my hubby was supposed to do for Bro. Smith... waiting on my Ramen noodles to soak in the water so that I can eat them! LOL Healthy I know. I am glad I updated... maybe I'll have another one later.

Oh and I finished Loving Tenderness (the inspirational romance that I was reading.) Very good book! :) Any books that you think I would enjoy reading... or that you like that you want to share... leave me a comment. I like to read every once in a while. I am trying to get back in the habit.

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