Yard Sales.

Granny and MIL had a yard sale today! We got $14 from some of the stuff that sold. Not bad considering Travis and I were not here to do the sale... It is nice having someone else sale for you! Haha. I'd like to take a Saturday off just to go to yard sales. I saw so many today.. but couldn't go to them :(

Seriously going to be hunting for another job! :) I get underpaid for what I do at Walmart. Of course it is probably going to be that way every where... but I think I can do better! No, I KNOW I can do better.

Besides, I am ready to leave retail!

Hey, Liz, I am so sorry that you woke up with a bad case of heartburn. Tums can be good friends, indeed! I am afraid that lately I have been needing something better/stronger than it... and Protonix has been there for me! Haha. Oh and how is H&R coming along?

Well, I think I am gonna read a bit before going to bed. Oh and I am gonna pray that I don't wake up with heartburn.. cause we had Gold Star for dinner around 8:00! Ha.

Nighty Night.

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