Okay, I am updating... :)

Liz, I have been around! I just read that comment of yours.

The endoscopy went good.. my throat was sore later that day but the next morning it was RAW. It is still kinda tender as if maybe it is bruised slightly.. I don't see any bruises though. I should get the results back tomorrow... I was supposed to talk to them yesterday but was working when they called me.

I have been sick the last few days though.. with acid reflex extremely bad... giving me chest pains. *sigh* I was wanting to stay home from work but didn't... I may have it again tomorrow. I hope not.. I think I am gonna try an old remedy of baking soda and water and see if it knocks it. The medicine they gave me surely isn't helping out recently!

Well, we are ordering Papa Johns! Yea, I know it isn't gonna do my HB any good... I didn't get it last time I had Papa Johns though.

I'll update more later or tomorrow.


Need Prayer in the Morning around 9 AM

Sitting here needing to go to bed. I am having an endoscopy done about 7 hours from now... Yea, fun. I know. It could be an ulcer... it could be just gerds. Hopefully, they find nothing..... but I have been having indigestion, acid reflex, and heartburn. Yippee. Haha. Just joking because it is horrible...

I'll post after it. I am sure... since I won't be able to talk to anyone. They say my throat will be raw. :(

I think I'll head to bed.

Oh, we had an awesome service tonight.