Hey everyone. Had another fun filled day at Walmart today... *rolls eyes* We had a CSM meeting this morning that I am still wondering what in the world we had it for! Nothing new. I mean, there wasn't a thing different that I didn't already know. Oh well. Hopefully, I'll be out of there soon! I got two potential places! One place called me to set up an interview... I just filled out that application last night! I tried calling back but human resources was already gone! So, I'll set it up tomorrow. It will most likely be on Oct 5th in the morning at some time.

The other place, I put an application in the night before last and then replied back.... They are supposed to call me for a 1st interview over the phone at Noon on that same day, Oct. 5th!

I am getting ready to try to apply for another place right now too...

Well, I am too tired to talk about the rest of my day... but church went good... I didn't really get to teach any of my lesson because of the kids misbehaving down stairs.. oh well...

Update again, later.


Okay so, trying to leave off from yesterday...

I ended up going to church... and then we went to Pepper Pod to eat. LOL I had some deep fried pickle spears which were soooo good. :) Definitely will get them again! Had an Eddie's special sandwich too.. it was really good also. I came home and stayed awake until 1 and then got up at 5:30 for work... I was so tired this morning!!

:) I slept all the way to work and then went in dragging! Today went by pretty cool. I mean, it could have been worse. I found out that we are allowed over time this week and I will end up with about 3 hours. Fun Fun.

Tomorrow night I am going to a scrapbooking crop! I need to get that stuff together. I also have laundry to fold in the other room and a whole bunch of other stuff that I could be doing.. like putting an application in online at a few places. Ah, the joy of procrastination.

I could go on about my dad after work and how the Stroganoff that I made was wonderful but I wont... Anyways, I gotta work tomorrow so I better get something done. Or at least try too!

Long awaited update...

Praise Him! I used to always start my blogs out like that... I know remember this. Anyways, above everything that does go on, Jesus must be praised.

Yes, I am starting back... well, not an actual college. Kentucky Bible Institute to be exact! I am excited. I am teaching one of the classes which is Bible Introduction and the other 3 this semester I will be included in. Bought be some mechanical pencils tonight. Oh Yeah! I still need to get a 5 subject notebook.. I think this would be valuable since there are 4 classes... I think that is all I really need... The binder is being taken care of buy the school... Actually my husband is the one in charge of it... kinda... He reports to the vice president of KBI. Anyways, I will have a non-accredited degree in Biblical Studies I think it is. Either way, I think it will help me grow spiritually... Although, it may weaken me physically... ROFL


I am still hunting for another job... I am looking into several places... I haven't the time the last couple of days to fill out any applications online.

Instead of staying home and cleaning, I went to Wal-mart for a CSM meeting at 8 AM. Stayed there for an hour (I better get paid for the hour) and then left. I came back home but didn't make it inside. Granny and MIL asked me if I wanted to go to Susie's house and see the baby... I said yes. So, we went. The house is huge! The yards are big.. She owns 2 acres of land. The rooms are oh so cute! There is even a room for her dogs. LOL Anyways, William Henry was adorable. I got to hold him. He is so tiny. He is premature. *sigh* Kinda brought back a little of that baby fever... LOL
Well, we ended up going to Walgreens to do the photos that we got... and then we went to tea break at Burger King... and then over to Kmart. I bought two tanks to wear under other shirts and another blouse. We went back over to Walgreens and got the pictures and then I came home... I didn't do anything productive... I called Robyn back... got the machine. I ended up taking my shower and started to get ready for church. She called me back and we talked until Travis got home. I finished getting ready for church... and then we left.

I'll try to finish sharing tomorrow... it is now 1 AM and I have to be at work at 7. Thus I will have to get up around 5:35... maybe I'll finish after taking my shower...

Till then.