Hey everyone. Had another fun filled day at Walmart today... *rolls eyes* We had a CSM meeting this morning that I am still wondering what in the world we had it for! Nothing new. I mean, there wasn't a thing different that I didn't already know. Oh well. Hopefully, I'll be out of there soon! I got two potential places! One place called me to set up an interview... I just filled out that application last night! I tried calling back but human resources was already gone! So, I'll set it up tomorrow. It will most likely be on Oct 5th in the morning at some time.

The other place, I put an application in the night before last and then replied back.... They are supposed to call me for a 1st interview over the phone at Noon on that same day, Oct. 5th!

I am getting ready to try to apply for another place right now too...

Well, I am too tired to talk about the rest of my day... but church went good... I didn't really get to teach any of my lesson because of the kids misbehaving down stairs.. oh well...

Update again, later.

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Rochelle said...

How is the job search going? :)