Winter Retreat Videos

Just thought I'd give these their own post! Because there are quite a few of them. Enjoy. Now keep in mind, these were taken with my phone!

Two more off my phone to post... they are still processing. :) Once they get done I'll post them too.

Not Us...After Church, Oh No. (This is a long one)

Hey everyone. Sorry it has been over a couple of weeks since I last blogged! I am gonna try to get better. I promise. I need to better a lot of things!

Here are Winter Retreat pictures as promised. (No particular order... trying to save a little time in this process.) This is half though... These are from my camera phone. The others will be from the digital camera.

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Me with the Strawberries n creme frapp sitting outside of the Marriott waiting on valet so we could leave Winter Retreat 2008 :(

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My Hair. Tiffhanie did it.

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. Maroney. Not a good picture

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of Bro. Maroney. You can kinda tell.

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Praise Team

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and Sammi (Bubba is a friend from Bro. Maroney's church)

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, Ronnie, Amber (all from Bro. Maroney's church) and Sammi.

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My Wonderful Hubby

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Taylor and Amber

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Sammi and Amber

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Tiffhanie and Amber

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My Hair on Saturday again :) Loved it.

If you haven't noticed, everyone that went down with us wore their Winter Retreat shirt on Saturday.

Well, not alot is happening. We went to Eminence for a rally a few nights back. It was great. Bro. Gally preached and he did a fabulous job. I loved it. Here are some pictures and a video ;) We went to Steak N Shake afterwards.

So, I am still on Jury Duty. I actually got called in a while back... and it was okay. I wanted to be the one that was picked but instead they sent me and 35 others home after 2 hours. Oh well. It was a case having to do with marijuana being trafficed within 100 feet of a school. Thought it would be interesting to sit through that trial. I am not sure if I like the idea of figuring out if they are guilty or not... but I know I could do. I could listen to the case and decide. Gotta call in about 3 hours and see if my juror's number is up for tomorrow and if so call Walmart and let them know.

Guess what happened last night? After Church. We were headed to Florence to go to Cheddars and eat. Yes, we travel to Florence after church all the time just to go eat... haha... Anyways, we are on 275 and headed that way... We notice someone on our bumper and it seems like they were tailgating us... and wouldn't get off so of course we are gonna speed up a little... All of a sudden the lights turn on. Blue Red... No Sirens.. .thankfully.. That would have hurt my ears, I am sure. So we pull off to the side of the road... Both of us pleaded the Blood of Jesus because it is not the first time Travis has gotten pulled over. It is however the first time he got pulled over in Kentucky. So, the officer gets out of his car and comes to the window, we give him registration, licenses and insurance. He asked for my license too... I thought that was weird... We continue to plead the blood while he is back at his car... He comes back with just a warning. PRAISE GOD. He said to Travis, "Watch your speed, man. You were going way to fast." Or something to that effect. We believe that he couldn't give us a ticket because he was driving and wasn't sitting anywhere to get an accurate account of how far over the speed limit we were going. However, when we he came to the car after just pulling us over... He said were going 78 in a 65mph zone. Travis said that he couldn't have been... Neither of us had paid attention to how fast.. the last time I noticed we were only going 70. Not Us! you say... Not a minister and his wife... Yes, my friend, we make mistakes too... When you pray, plead the Blood for us, will you!


A little bit of everything to read.

Four days between posts isn't that bad is it? :)

I am sitting here waiting for my mother-in-law to pick me up for Tea Break. (Her and Granny {her mom} has gone to a restaurant (most of the time it is Burger King) every day almost around lunch time just to sit over tea and talk... And when I am not working and am home by myself I usually go along with them. They have been doing this for years.) I figured I would update this blog.

Last night, I was sick, tired and hungry... and did I mention tired. I was kinda out of it... and didn't really want to talk. I don't know if my sugar was effecting me or not. But I do know that nothing personal was held against my husband. Although, he probably thought so. So, I didn't eat anything for dinner except a piece of peanut butter fudge. LOL

I think work is once again getting to me... I want out of there but know I really shouldn't leave until Jury Duty is over... So March 8th, it is back to trying to find a job. I do not know what happened to Citi. They never did call me back although, I went through with the interview and got a job offer... they were supposed to call me back with some scheduled times and the training for December and never did. Oh well. It wasn't meant for me to work there I guess.

Oh I figured I would answer Liz's question here "How about you? Do you wake up easy? Does your family know better than to talk to you?
I wake up fairly easy... except for Sundays. I don't know why really. But if I set my alarm, I'll snooze it a few times if time allows... and then I'll get up and gradually start getting ready for the day ahead of me. If someone tries to wake me up, I am kinda mean about it. I'll take a while getting up just because of being awakened out of sleep.

Well, gonna go find something to do until MIL gets here... I should clean but what fun is that??? I think I'll play a game online.


New Resolution.... to blog more! ROFL

I hope I can stick up to this new resolution... *grins*

I mean, blogging last year was pathetic. Go right on ahead and tell me, that it was. I'll believe it!

Highlight of last year, I really couldn't tell you... all I know is that God kept me... and as long as he keeps keeping me... than it will be a highlight.

Anyways, this Friday and Saturday (yea, today is Saturday) Kentucky District had their Winter Retreat.

We had an amazing time. Or at least I know I did. And I know that Samantha did. This was her first year. We asked her on her way home if she had a good time and she told us she did.

I really hope that this weekend impacted the young girls that we took down there. Taylor, Candell and Samantha... I hope that they received something that they could bring back to their homes. None of the girls come from a home of parents living for God! It is my hope and prayer that something will change in them, that they won't compromise for this world and what it has to offer. But, that they will take up their cross and follow Jesus. That they will want to bury themselves in prayer, reading the bible.... living for God.

Bro. Joel Urshan preached two wonderful, anointed messages to us this year. I don't want to forget that we need a language revival and that are bones should be buried with the prophets!

I took a few videos and some pictures that I will post soon. I just have to upload them to Photobucket or Dropbox.

Oh I failed to mention that I tried a Strawberries and Cream Frapp and it was so good! I was gonna get a Mocha one but decided to be different. Just wanna make this clear, I love trying new things... I also finished Tiffhanie's hot Caramel Macchiato this morning before service because she didn't like it. She officially isn't no coffee drinker. I am though! Mmmmm! :) I would go to Starbucks every day if I could. I get the cold Frappuccino drinks almost everyday at Walmart....

Anyways, if I don't start posting more often, yell at me, why don't you??? Please! I may just update again before the night is over.


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