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Four days between posts isn't that bad is it? :)

I am sitting here waiting for my mother-in-law to pick me up for Tea Break. (Her and Granny {her mom} has gone to a restaurant (most of the time it is Burger King) every day almost around lunch time just to sit over tea and talk... And when I am not working and am home by myself I usually go along with them. They have been doing this for years.) I figured I would update this blog.

Last night, I was sick, tired and hungry... and did I mention tired. I was kinda out of it... and didn't really want to talk. I don't know if my sugar was effecting me or not. But I do know that nothing personal was held against my husband. Although, he probably thought so. So, I didn't eat anything for dinner except a piece of peanut butter fudge. LOL

I think work is once again getting to me... I want out of there but know I really shouldn't leave until Jury Duty is over... So March 8th, it is back to trying to find a job. I do not know what happened to Citi. They never did call me back although, I went through with the interview and got a job offer... they were supposed to call me back with some scheduled times and the training for December and never did. Oh well. It wasn't meant for me to work there I guess.

Oh I figured I would answer Liz's question here "How about you? Do you wake up easy? Does your family know better than to talk to you?
I wake up fairly easy... except for Sundays. I don't know why really. But if I set my alarm, I'll snooze it a few times if time allows... and then I'll get up and gradually start getting ready for the day ahead of me. If someone tries to wake me up, I am kinda mean about it. I'll take a while getting up just because of being awakened out of sleep.

Well, gonna go find something to do until MIL gets here... I should clean but what fun is that??? I think I'll play a game online.

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Rochelle said...

Well! Look at you... I've been away from blogville a little while, and come back and here YOU have two new posts!! Yay you! :)

I don't wake up easily. I would rather not wake up before noon, but it doesn't ever work out that way! :)