Felt like Blogging...

...before going to bed that is.

I am sitting here listening to (Very great music. I am listening to the Youth Vibe Genre. It isn't just for youth. I would check it out if I was you! ;))

Okay so, today... I went into Subway during my first break.. Bought a couple donuts from Walmart's bakery during my break.. and went into Subway to just get a milk off of them... The outside of the bottle near the opening smelt like it was spoiled. I decided to take a little sip because I thought maybe it was me... cause I haven't been feeling well. Well, I was wrong.. so I told them and got another one thinking that this other one wouldn't be spoiled... I take of the aluminum covering that is under this bottle also and take a gulp... *face turned in a disgust look as I swollowed spoiled milk... So, I go back up to the counter and tell them and I don't think the lady thought I was telling the truth. However, she asked if I wanted a chocolate milk.. I said sure... She handed it to me and I changed my mind... haha... I gave it back and told her I would just substitute a softdrink... I lost about 30 cents in the process...

Well my stomach has been hurting all day long. I am sure that the milk didn't help it any.. It was hurting prior to the milk by the way. I have been sick off and all alot lately... Go figure. Story of my life.

Oh, will you allow me to vent???

So, another supervisor at work... went to our front end manager and told her that me and the other CSS's do not recognize or give her keys when she comes in. Excuse me... but as soon as she came in today... she looked at the board and went and gave people their breaks and then did a lunch break for someone else.. .and then she went to her lunch and when she came back up front afterwards... she hoped back on a register!!!!!!! Not telling anyone what she was doing... The truth is she never talks to us when she comes in. I am so fed up with her... let alone Walmart (who starts something ever other day and either doesn't follow thru with it or expects us to pick up with it without training.)

Okay and another supervisor... this certain person... whom name will also be disclosed, blames me for her meal violation. I just think that is funny. Who am I to tell another supervisor what to do. I really need to find another job. Any suggestions?

Okay I think I'll stop it with Walmart venting.

Oh, I have jury duty in the morning so this is why I need to be getting to bed. Last day of it is March 7th. This will make the second time at a courthouse so far, besides the first time I had to go to get my juror's number and orientation. YAY. Wonder what tomorrow holds for me. I hope I have to spend most of the day there... It would be cool. I don't know if I am gonna go to work tomorrow or not... If I don't go, I'll be leaving a friend working by herself tomorrow... HmmmMmmm.

Til next time. Leave me comments... Give me ideas on what to blog.... I used to blog all the time. I just need to get that passion again! LOL

'I am a horrible blogger'

The fact of the matter is I am a horrible blogger. I used to blog all the time when I had an online journal at But after they lost everything that I ever wrote... It kinda depressed me and I lost the desire that I had in writing I guess. Haha.

I know I haven't updated in a few weeks. These last several days I have been sick. Called off work the last two days. However, I am going to go in today. Even though I don't feel up to par. I'll have to survive. I had the worst headache last night while trying to get to sleep... I told Travis to just knock me out cause he hurt so much. LOL He said he couldn't do that cause it would hurt me. Men! So I did finally make it to bed and my head doesn't hurt this morning. *knocks on wood*

I really haven't been doing much. Nothing exciting going on here. I am off tomorrow and we are taking the youth to First Apostolic in Cincinnati for a youth function they have on Friday nights. Should be fun...

Well, I am gonna clean up the living room a little bit before finish getting ready for work. I'll leave here in about an hour.