'I am a horrible blogger'

The fact of the matter is I am a horrible blogger. I used to blog all the time when I had an online journal at But after they lost everything that I ever wrote... It kinda depressed me and I lost the desire that I had in writing I guess. Haha.

I know I haven't updated in a few weeks. These last several days I have been sick. Called off work the last two days. However, I am going to go in today. Even though I don't feel up to par. I'll have to survive. I had the worst headache last night while trying to get to sleep... I told Travis to just knock me out cause he hurt so much. LOL He said he couldn't do that cause it would hurt me. Men! So I did finally make it to bed and my head doesn't hurt this morning. *knocks on wood*

I really haven't been doing much. Nothing exciting going on here. I am off tomorrow and we are taking the youth to First Apostolic in Cincinnati for a youth function they have on Friday nights. Should be fun...

Well, I am gonna clean up the living room a little bit before finish getting ready for work. I'll leave here in about an hour.

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Liz said...

Will you be at the Ladies Retreat Friday? hope to see you!!