Putting things off too long...

Well, do you ever do it? Put things off for so long that you don't even want to do it? LOL

I am getting ready to start the taxes. Not sure if I will actually start them now or do them after church tonight. I don't want to start and then have to stop. LOL

I put alot of things off. Actually too many things to even be mentioned right here. I am glad that God is in control and allows me to remember things before they are actually supposed to be done though!

Don't be a procrastinator like me!!!!!!!

I'll come back later and post more.

I made a few changes...

do you like them?

I just figured I needed something more than just a plain background. I wanted something more colorful.

I wanted something that would make me want to come on over and blog my heart out... LOL

I know it has been a while since I last blogged. I do have blog worthy things that happen in my life. If only I get that moment where I feel like typing it all out!.. Ya know? I do want to start blogging more though. And on that note, I promise that I will.

It is a fresh start for me from here on out...

God bless.