Got It.

Well, the car is sitting out front. I am taking it to work tomorrow. Oh how I wish we were given the Malibu. ROFL Yea, right, in our dreams! Anyways, it needs the muffler worked on. The Midas Touch.

So, Monday I am off work.. And we are gonna get that fixed, as well as the title transferred at the Clerks office!

It needs a major cleaning. I want to have it washed on the inside and the outside... Not sure though. I really would like to do it myself. That way I know it is getting cleaned really good! I can't wait to add some nice fresheners and stuff. I may even get seat covers and wheel cover. It all depends.

God is great!


Well, God is a great God. He comes through when we least expect Him too! I just wanted to say that.

Travis and I got a huge huge blessing recently and it is gonna get bigger. His parents basically gave us a huge lump sum of money. Needless to say, it is all for bills! But it will put us into being debt free. Thank you Jesus. And, they bought them a new 2008 Malibu... and we get their old car. Well, I get their old car! It's a Ford Escort. It runs and it will help me so much cause I'll not have to depend on them for a ride.. I'll have my own. I am just so happy because of this. They are great. And it really humbled my hubby to think that his parents would do something like this for him.

Other than that, I am doing alright. Surviving at Walmart. I am going to be finding something else soon. I have no doubts now that I am gonna be getting the escort. I might even try getting the phlebotomy job that I was looking into a long time ago. I know they are always looking, although I might have to go thru some more training to recap!

Planning a trip to WV in late May... :) Can't wait to see family and friends... especially my mom and dad!!! I miss them! Please pray for my mom. She is really sick and can use all the prayers... Also, pray for dad because he can use them too!


A pet?

Okay so I don't have a pet yet.... I am wanting one though.

Been looking at cute videos! I am thinking either a chinchilla or a hedgehog. They are cute!


Long Live the BLOCK

Wow, what a strange mix of emotions. I used to adore NKOTB. They are coming back for a tour/reunion. How crazy is that.

Here they are on the Today Show. Listen to all the ladies not teens going crazy! LOL

Also, the official website:

I was a huge fan!

Those were the days. LOL I so had a crush on Joey.


Book MeMe

Okay, now for a meme. I was tagged for this meme by Alana (see her link on side of blog). Being a reader (although, not as much as I like because sometimes I am not in that mood), I thought this would be fun. Here are the rules...

1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post the next 3 sentences.

My book is...

Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann

and the passage is as follows...

"So they ran the obituary and left it at that?"
"That's how it seems. I checked the police files."
He couldn't help a look of surprise and respect. "And?"

Interesting? Huh? Maybe you should buy the book and read it... I haven't got to that page yet, it was funny to skip ahead. I am only on page 40, which starts Chapter Four.

Btw, there are three books... it is a small series.

God bless. ;)

Stayed Home Again.

I am sitting here on my chair surfing the net. I called in today. I have had so many call ins because of illness lately that I could be coached for attendance and possibly fired cause of missing lately. Even absences with a doctor's excuse does not count as an excused absence when you work at Walmart.

Anyways, you are probably wondering what I did... I hurt my back!!!!! I have cried all last night in bed and this morning because of the pain. I hurt it sometime between sleeping the night before last and yesterday morning... I went to work and basically suffered through all day walking around and such. *I am a customer service supervisor so I walk around all day long with only time to sit down during my 15 breaks and lunch* I came home still hurting... Laid down for a bit... got ready for church and went to church and suffered through. Got prayed for though! LOL Came home and laid on the couch watching a movie in which I fell asleep. Seems like falling asleep is the only escape from the pain.

It was worse this morning. Every step hurts when I walk. It hurts sitting here. It hurts laying down unless I could lay down and go to sleep. So, I called off.

I made me a doctor's appt. for 1:10. Went and am home... I was given a shot! It stung too :( LOL Plus some muscle relaxers which make you groggy! And I am groggy now... I hurt less! Thank you Jesus! Doctor said that it is muscle problems... He told me to walk... It hurts when I walk. Told me to put ice on it for 10 minutes at a time too... I haven't done that yet. And to take Aleve for the pain! I think I am gonna go out to the kitchen and do the dishes...

Will go back to work in the morning unfortunately... I hate working when I don't feel all that well. Oh well, so is life.

Keep me in prayer ;)