Stayed Home Again.

I am sitting here on my chair surfing the net. I called in today. I have had so many call ins because of illness lately that I could be coached for attendance and possibly fired cause of missing lately. Even absences with a doctor's excuse does not count as an excused absence when you work at Walmart.

Anyways, you are probably wondering what I did... I hurt my back!!!!! I have cried all last night in bed and this morning because of the pain. I hurt it sometime between sleeping the night before last and yesterday morning... I went to work and basically suffered through all day walking around and such. *I am a customer service supervisor so I walk around all day long with only time to sit down during my 15 breaks and lunch* I came home still hurting... Laid down for a bit... got ready for church and went to church and suffered through. Got prayed for though! LOL Came home and laid on the couch watching a movie in which I fell asleep. Seems like falling asleep is the only escape from the pain.

It was worse this morning. Every step hurts when I walk. It hurts sitting here. It hurts laying down unless I could lay down and go to sleep. So, I called off.

I made me a doctor's appt. for 1:10. Went and am home... I was given a shot! It stung too :( LOL Plus some muscle relaxers which make you groggy! And I am groggy now... I hurt less! Thank you Jesus! Doctor said that it is muscle problems... He told me to walk... It hurts when I walk. Told me to put ice on it for 10 minutes at a time too... I haven't done that yet. And to take Aleve for the pain! I think I am gonna go out to the kitchen and do the dishes...

Will go back to work in the morning unfortunately... I hate working when I don't feel all that well. Oh well, so is life.

Keep me in prayer ;)

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Alana said...

If you have read much of my blog, you might have noticed that I have recently started seeing a chiropractor and have had great success. Maybe you should consider it for your back. Just a thought!