Well, God is a great God. He comes through when we least expect Him too! I just wanted to say that.

Travis and I got a huge huge blessing recently and it is gonna get bigger. His parents basically gave us a huge lump sum of money. Needless to say, it is all for bills! But it will put us into being debt free. Thank you Jesus. And, they bought them a new 2008 Malibu... and we get their old car. Well, I get their old car! It's a Ford Escort. It runs and it will help me so much cause I'll not have to depend on them for a ride.. I'll have my own. I am just so happy because of this. They are great. And it really humbled my hubby to think that his parents would do something like this for him.

Other than that, I am doing alright. Surviving at Walmart. I am going to be finding something else soon. I have no doubts now that I am gonna be getting the escort. I might even try getting the phlebotomy job that I was looking into a long time ago. I know they are always looking, although I might have to go thru some more training to recap!

Planning a trip to WV in late May... :) Can't wait to see family and friends... especially my mom and dad!!! I miss them! Please pray for my mom. She is really sick and can use all the prayers... Also, pray for dad because he can use them too!

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Alana said...

Wow, that is amazing. What a blessing!