Mom is going home.

Hello everyone. I've been in WV since Saturday the 24th. Both Travis and I took some vacation time to come up and visit family. Well, my mom passed away on Wednesday. She is going to be greatly missed. I am okay. Although, it hits me most when I am alone away from everyone and being up here at the house it makes me even worse. I am glad that she doesn't have to suffer anymore though.

Her showing is on Sunday and her funeral is on Monday morning. I will be headed back to Kentucky on Tuesday. But I think I am gonna take my 3 bereavement days being this isn't how I wanted to spend the trip. Please, just remember all of us in your prayers. Thanks in Advance.


Okay so I know I promised pictures tonight.. but I think you may have to wait until tomorrow or Monday... I don't feel like uploading them right now! Ha.

I think I am gonna go play Sims 2 instead ;)


Okay so I love this Toshiba laptop! :) And I loooooove my new camera. It is great. I promise pictures tomorrow.

Had a great time at the section u rally in Bellevue at our church tonight!



$20 to spare???

Liz asked this question:
What would you spend a $20 bill on that you found laying on the ground? That you are absolutely forbidden to pay any bills with?

I'd probably spend it on a skirt

Or maybe something to eat...

Okay, so we got a new camera and a free Epson Ultra Hi-Definition R280 Photo Printer after rebate... We got this camera pictured!!! I love it! I'll take some pictures with it tomorrow night at the youth rally at our church! So excited about this new buy. I took a picture of my husband and it captured his eye color so vividly... Our Kodak EasyShare couldn't do that! So cool! Oh and I got a laptop!!!!!!! :) I haven't played with it yet! Only because the battery was about to die, I wanted to go get something to eat... and Travis wouldn't let me play with it. He is jealous cause it is better than his! :) We are gonna get better ones when the rebate checks come in from the government! LOL

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite from last season! It was sent for repair or something and it wasn't needed, came back fully operational. Anyways, hubby bought it for $98 or something on employee purchase... It has nice specs too including Vista!

Anyways, I am excited...

Congrats to my friend Becci who has been induced and is currently in the labor area at the hospital. I can't wait to see the little guy!!!!