Funny Thing Happened in the middle of Children's Church Tonight!

So, I was in the middle of teaching a lesson on Ruth being loyal to Naomi... I used the children that were down in children's church as part of the story tonight. So, we had Elimelech dead on the floor and then Ruth and Orpah's husband died... and they laid on the floor too. So, you have these three ornery little boys not wanting to pay attention but talking among their selves! Anyways, I am trying to explain how Orpah left and went back to her home... and how Ruth stuck by Naomi through the good and the bad. Right in the middle of this, one of the little boys passed gas! And everyone was laughing. I tried to cover my laughter with the lesson book. But I told my friend Tiffhanie that it was definitely being put down in the blog. So there you have it!

Above a picture of me and my hubby when we were in the WV/PA/OH area... This was taken at the Olive Garden in Robinson Township in PA!

Here is a picture of my favorite girl, Ash and me :o)Image Hosting by

Here is my nephew (really cousin but he'll know me as his aunt!) Noah James Pratt!
Ain't he so cute! Lisa's and Dew's Baby!Image Hosting by

A picture of my friend Stanah and I! We were outside the church I used to attend in WV! Oh and I didn't know my button was unbuttoned when I took this picture... so ignore that! Image Hosting by

I am off work tomorrow. I have a long to-do list already though!
Well that is it for tonight.

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