Job Hunting

Okay, so I am not like a lion hunting its prey. But I have been placing applications online. I believe I have done 3 so far. I am pretty sure that I am gonna apply for Phlebotomy jobs... I just have to find the ad again!!!!!!

I was talking with my Dad day before yesterday and he told me that I need to find something I'd like. I am not really sure what that is. I enjoyed Phlebotomy and I was really good at it. I didn't have a Phlebotomy job before, however, I did take a few weeks internship at a hospital's lab and it was awesome. Now since I was given this car, I am able to apply. And if I have to drive back and forth from place to place or peoples homes, I would be willing. I'd love to get a job where I am at home at a decent hour every day.

Of course, my ideal job would be to stay here and keep the house in order. But I don't see that happening any time soon. I was thinking about how much money I would save if I did stay home and be frugal. I know it would be a lot... but I am not sure if it would be enough.

So, my plan is to be out of Wal-mart by the end of August! I know I have set goals in the past for this... and I have not stuck with it. But this time, I am sticking to it like a chubby kids lips is to chocolate cake. Haha. I've got a plan!!

If you know of any jobs in the area, that I may be of interest, let me know! As long as it isn't retail!!!!! I just want out of retail... and I will be a little happier!

Applying for the Phlebotomy jobs no later than Thursday!

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