My layout...

So you probably noticed the strawberries gone! They are out of season what can I say??? LOL No, I am currently working on my own layout for this blog. So check back to see it.. Right now, I decided to revert back to simplicity.


Storm hits Home!

It is so windy... It has slowed down a bit since around 2 o'clock this afternoon when it all started. I was coming from Newport Shopping Center (down Monmouth St.) onto Washington Avenue and right at the turn there was a tree slit in half and power lines down! I went a little further and a garbage can on wheels went across the street in front of me. I also saw some other big tree limbs in the middle of the road in which I had to swerve around! After a couple hours (I went to sleep), I decide to look in the back yard and our trellis is down.. :( I hope that the Morning Glories roots weren't pulled all the way out! The next door neighbors garage window is busted out and the lawyers offices right beside them have a tree or big tree limbs in their back patio!

I called my pastor's wife around 4:30 and told her I wasn't coming to church. Sure, it is only in the next city beside me but I wasn't taking that chance. My MIL said that where they are building that clinic on Monmouth, that there was sheets of metal flying out into the road! It is dangerous out there and the reports say that it isn't to let up until 9 PM. So we got about another hour to go.

My husband texted me and told be that MicroCenter is about the only ones with power over there in OH! I am thankful for power right now. He said that they don't have any internet connection though. Hopefully, things will be okay when he comes home tonight around 10. He usually doesn't have to work on Sunday nights but had mandatory inventory today.

Well, that is all for now. Maybe I'll give more of a personal update later!