Okay, The Story Is....

So my husband built me a new desktop and the other hard drives are still in the old computer and I can't get to my PHOTOSHOP!!! :( So, that is why I haven't added a new background or revamped this blog... I hope you continue to pay attention to me though. I need readers... *smile*

Free Downloads :)

I just downloaded 3 songs :)

Just thought I would share the link.

You have to register.. but free Christian music is always good... I don't mind adding 3 new songs to my MP3 player!


Haven't Forgotten and Which Style Should I Buy!

No, I haven't forgotten that I am to change the layout... and I haven't forgotten that this is a blog and I should post some time! LOL

*sigh* I will get around to it...

Okay so I am getting a Vera Bradley but I don't know whether to go big or small on the style... I will get either the Libby, Lola, Lindsay or the Cargo Sling... I am gearing more toward the Lindsay... Any suggestions? What do you think???