Winter Poem

This poem my husband wrote me on our anniversary this year... We went to the Stewart's home for a Christmas party and this is one of the challenges the men had to do, while the ladies had to judge...even though I couldn't judge Travis... I picked Bro. Maroney's poem. Ha Ha

When I first saw you, I knew it would be true
That forever and ever, I'd be with you

Daily you complete me when I see your smiling face
Constantly I thank God for this beautiful gift of Grace

We proudly married four years ago
By God's Grace, we'll have many more to go

We've had many ups and many downs
But always the smiles out weigh the frowns

I'll always be thankful for the day you stood by my side
And thereafter my best friend became my bride


Christmas Time is Here...

Children's Christmas Program went good today. I have some pictures and may post them... Smile Girl After church I went to a Christmas party which is on my husband's mom's side. I came home with a few gifts. I stayed while my husband went to church... He preached and I missed it. Although, I did know that he was preaching and a few people said that the message was really good. It always happens that way! You miss a service and that service is really good. *wonders if Judy was there. Travis said he didn't see her*

Then I come home and change into the pajamas and set a time to when I was gonna do some house work before going to bed. That didn't happen because Travis called me and told me to change again and meet him and a few others at LaRosa's. So I went to LaRosa's for dinner and I am so stuffed!

That was my day pretty much.. Oh and now I am not motivated to clean at all so I am not. It will have to wait until tomorrow. I will clean after I wrap some gifts.