Christmas Time is Here...

Children's Christmas Program went good today. I have some pictures and may post them... Smile Girl After church I went to a Christmas party which is on my husband's mom's side. I came home with a few gifts. I stayed while my husband went to church... He preached and I missed it. Although, I did know that he was preaching and a few people said that the message was really good. It always happens that way! You miss a service and that service is really good. *wonders if Judy was there. Travis said he didn't see her*

Then I come home and change into the pajamas and set a time to when I was gonna do some house work before going to bed. That didn't happen because Travis called me and told me to change again and meet him and a few others at LaRosa's. So I went to LaRosa's for dinner and I am so stuffed!

That was my day pretty much.. Oh and now I am not motivated to clean at all so I am not. It will have to wait until tomorrow. I will clean after I wrap some gifts.

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