Winter Poem

This poem my husband wrote me on our anniversary this year... We went to the Stewart's home for a Christmas party and this is one of the challenges the men had to do, while the ladies had to judge...even though I couldn't judge Travis... I picked Bro. Maroney's poem. Ha Ha

When I first saw you, I knew it would be true
That forever and ever, I'd be with you

Daily you complete me when I see your smiling face
Constantly I thank God for this beautiful gift of Grace

We proudly married four years ago
By God's Grace, we'll have many more to go

We've had many ups and many downs
But always the smiles out weigh the frowns

I'll always be thankful for the day you stood by my side
And thereafter my best friend became my bride

1 comment:

Alana said...

So sweet! I know you will enjoy that for years to come. Happy belated anniversary!