What a day so far.

Do you ever wonder why certain things happen? and do you ever have those things that just happen and make your days start out so totally wrong?

So, tomorrow we are going to a youth rally about an hour away I think. I don't know exactly. Anyways, my husband and I are presenting the Sectional Youth Leader and his wife with a plaque and flowers (It may not be use presenting, but we are the ones that was delegated to get them). I got the flowers ordered to pick up tomorrow before we leave... hoping they look good... and I went and picked up the plaque today! Well, my pastor is the one that ordered it and he tweaked it a bit... and now it is alllllll wrong! :( He tweaked the name adding in a "personal" nickname he used to call him. So, we had to call the District Youth Leader and he said it was okay but it is gonna have to be fixed. So, now both my hubby and I feel so bad.

So after I did this.. I went to Kroger and I was gonna find something for dinner tonight... I spent a bit of time in there.. was talking to my hubby while shopping to kinda cheer him up. Anyways, I got to the self scan... scanned all my items and was looking for my keys... cause it has the shopper's card on it. NO KEYS. I left them in my car. I think, 'okay no big deal I have a spare key in my wallet and I can type in a phone number for the card.' Finish and pay go outside with my spare key... I LEFT THE CAR RUNNING!!!!!!! *sigh* I need prayer today that nothing else goes wrong today.... I don't know what happened... I guess just too much on my mind along with being frustrated!

I want to go get something for lunch.. but don't know what or where and I don't want to go by myself.

Anyways, pray for us tomorrow that nothing goes wrong at the rally either! haha

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