Frustrated With Me!

Do you ever feel that way... I am just so disappointed and frustrated at myself. I have got to do better somehow....

Yesterday was a bad day for me... I just came home and cried and cried some more... I guess I did need a good cry.

Well, I'd update more but I am tired... I should be making a grocery shopping list but instead I think I will read a bit of the current oh-my-it-is-getting-good book (Dangers In The Shadow, Dee Henderson) and then go to bed.

Let's fight giants!

PULSE 09 was wonderful. Bro. Francis challenged us to pray for our city. Giants must fall for their to be a harvest... Today, Bro. Urshan preached a message to us to do exploits... I want to do exploits for God! Great messages by two great men of God! Well, I hate this time change... it is 4 AM and we really should be going to bed! I hope I can fall asleep, I had a Mocha Macchiato from Starbucks a few hours ago and I seem to be wired!