What a day...Tired.

I am exhausted... I didn't do a thing here at the house today either... makes me feel bad. Really, I have a load of laundry that needs folded... one load of towels that needs to be washed and dried... and more dishes than I can handle in just a few minutes...

I went to the Butterfly show in Cincy today. It was great.. I got lots of pictures that I will post after my mother-in-law gives me my SD card back... She took and printed some of them for herself... lol

After that I came back to Newport and then went to Sharonville to meet my husband for lunch... we went to Chipotle. It was wonderful as always... :) Then, I went back to his work and he bought me Photoshop Elements 7 (now I can finish my header!!!)... I have been wanting it for a while.. and he finally had enough spiff gift cards (commission on selling warranties and such) saved up that after using the gift cards we only had to pay 11.77! :D Any I made a flyer tonight for the revival services at the end of this month that is happening at the church. So, it is already in use... YAY! Can wait to edit some photos too!

Anyways, we ended up getting to church an hour late tonight. Walked in when Pastor was preaching... haha Better late than never. And then we went to Frisches for food after church.. and now we are home... I am getting ready for bed shortly... I am so tired!

I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am pregnant... I am sorry I haven't informed you sooner. LOL

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Adina said...

I remember how tired I got when I was pregnant the first three months. I seriously could barely drag myself out of bed and then went back as soon as possible. That was really hard for me since I like to keep my house up, but just be patient. :) You'll gradually get your energy back.