Over 1700!!!

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Thanx and Thank you and Hot Coupon World!!! Ciao!


Life is what happens...

when you are busy making other plans. Yep, that is true. I know I have promised to post pictures and I have promised to update more on here. I have failed in doing so... but I am going to try... keyword TRY.

A few thoughts with my birthday coming up:

1) The big 30! Yes, I'll be 30 this year. I was thinking about throwing myself a huge party... I'll probably just go out to eat at a favorite place. I am thinking Cheesecake Factory this year. Although, if I really wanted to spend some money I'd go to the Melting Pot. Not sure what I am going to plan or even certain if Travis will have anything planned. Either way, 30 is a big number. I have already felt old so I won't say that I am getting old. I just find it crazy how fast time flies by.

2) My birthday was the estimated due date that they gave me when we had our first ultrasound. This year is definitely going to be rough. I requested off for my birthday because I know I will be affected this year some how. Whether I am depressed this day or very emotional, who knows, but I would rather just have my birthday off. This year has been the hardest ever. The only thing good that comes out of losing a baby is that you now can help someone else through it... at least to talk to them... I have been talking recently to a girl at work who just had a miscarriage last week. I feel so sorry for her and I know what she is going through. All I could really do is hug her and let her know that I was there. Because I am still going through the grieving process myself. I think I will always be that way... I will always remember the date that I lost the baby and the date that the baby was due. I won't forget that.

3) Got me a new laptop today... in fact that is probably why I am updating today... haha.. Actually it is a Netbook... I love it. It is so much better than my other laptop which I used probably less than 10 times... I am serious in saying that too. I have a feeling that this one will be used a lot. It is just so much more lap friendly and so much more easier to type on and hold... it is not as bulky either. This one is only a couple lbs and is 10.1 screen"... It is Sable Brown... Very stylish. :) Has raised keyboard which I love... almost like a Mac keyboard. Oh and it has Windows 7... which is pretty nice.
Travis got himself a Macbook. I am a tad jealous.. but I am happy with this one!

4) Sick. I've been calling off work last week and this week I have missed a total of 4 days... I got some antibiotics though. I had an upper respiratory infection. Going back to work in the morning 9:30 to 6... wish I got off work earlier.. oh well. And I am still at the Mart. Wishing it was somewhere else. I'd really love to go into business for myself. Or go down part-time.

I forget another point I was going to make but I have alot on my mind so I will probably write something else in my blog tomorrow. Nite.