Nervous and Excited

So, I have an interview tomorrow... Well, I am going in for an interview and hoping that they will interview me on the spot. My friend that works for the company gave me the heads up to just come by. If I get this job, training is said to possibly start on Friday. So, I'll be quitting my current job. This makes me excited because I currently can't stand it... well, I haven't been able to stand it for a very long time. I am nervous that I won't be able to say the right stuff. You know all of those jitters that come along with interviewing!

I also have blood work in the morning! Checking of the A1C that should have been done a month ago... Nervous for that appt that is coming up on the 29th with my endocrinologist because she wanted me to lose 20 lbs by the next time I saw here and I think that I have lost nothing. Well, maybe I did lose one or two pounds... but her goal... NO :( I am hoping that my tests come back better than the last time I had them done.

So, I'll get up in the morning... get a shower, get dressed and go get blood work done and then come back home probably and get dressed up for the interview, eat, and then go over for the interview.

Wish me luck! and say some prayers!

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