Feeling Inspired To Blog Tonight

Haha. I should blog so much more often, I know. Both my husband and I are laying here on the bed with our computers. He is doing his 8 Page Essay for New Testament Survey and I am just chillin by him. I've been to several other blogs and read them.. so I figured that I would go ahead blog myself.

So, today started out with me getting ready, leaving and starting work at 7:30. Did I mention that today was my last day working for Wal-Mart! "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I am free at last!" To take a quote from Martin Luther King. I worked until about 11:15 today. Not bad considering I was just going to not show up for my last day. Haha... Hey, it really wasn't my idea but my husband's. The front-end zone manager asked me to at least come in and work a half of a day... so that is why I did it. There were sweet good byes and some tears shed. But, they will see me around because I will be shopping...

Tomorrow starts a new beginning. A new job. I will be working for Convergys. My position title is Customer Service and Problem Resolution Representative II. Pretty long of a title, huh? I like it and hope I enjoy it. I am hoping that training will be easy and informative. I hope to catch on quickly. I will learn everything about the position and what benefits I have and other things tomorrow in orientation. I have to be there at 8!

Anyways, after I left work I came home and took a short nap... okay it was about an hour long. Hubby and I got up and went to Chipotle for lunch. One of my favorite places... Did I mention that he called off work today to finish working on his essay... He is bad. But, at least he will complete it and be able to turn it in! We came home for a bit and then his mom called us. She asked first was gonna ask how my first day at Convergys went but realized that today was Thursday and not Friday. She told us that Grandma Marge was moved to hospice and that we should go visit because she is only given a day to a couple of weeks to live. So keep our family in your prayers. We got ready and left the apartment to go visit her. She was in a pretty weak state and didn't open her eyes up. We stayed there for about 20 minutes. I hated seeing her like that.

We left and headed back here to the apartment but before that we went to Starbucks and grabbed some Frappuccinos... White Chocolate Mocha for me and a Vanilla Bean Creme for him.

Did I mention that today was payday for me and we probably spent most of all of it today. I made a payment on our car and then we bought the Baja Convert-A-Couch Sofa Sleeper... It is nice. We mainly bought it today so that we could get a discount on it. But we were going to get it anyway. It will come in handy when my Dad comes down for a visit next month! That is when he is planning on coming down. Yay.

Well, I hope I didn't bore you... Have a great night. I now have to go read some new hire papers for tomorrow... Just so I can be informed.