How Far Is Too Far To Dream

So, today work was horrible to me. I just felt like I couldn't get the script down. My calls were too long! I had several calls that were 15 minutes to an hour long! Not to mention after being there for 2 hours, I felt like I had already been there all 8 hours long! *sigh* Not good not good at all! I really wish I could find a job where I hardly have to talk to anyone. Yes, I love talking to ppl and I like customer service jobs. I mean I was a customer service supervisor for over 5 years at just one store and for a cpl years at another store. BUT, I love working by myself because I think I get a whole lot done. What would be the perfect job for me if I can't just stay home and cook, clean and organize this place? Ideas anyone? haha

By now, you should know that I am as random as they come. Here goes.
We had tacos tonight and they were so good. I am still stuffed and we ate several hours ago. I think that I totally ate too many. Not going to let you in on how many either. Told my hubby that I am gonna start using my apps on the iPhone that I downloaded to control weight loss. I may even post about the weight loss. I need to lose at least 11 lbs by August 17th. Wonder if I can do it!

Well, I am still trying to get this blog the way I want it! Maybe that is what will remind me to come back each day to blog. So, for your sake you might not want me to ever get it the way I want it!

I am ready to dream big and see some of those dreams come true.

Lots on my mind tonight and don't I wish I could sit here all night long and just blog away. But I have to go to work in the morning.

Have a happy day 2morrow!

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