Messy Blog!

AHHHHH. Please excuse my blog - it is a mess. I can't get it to do what I want it to do. I can't find some of the html that is apparently stuck on here! I'll figure it out tomorrow and finish working on the template.


God only knows...

I am thinking that I haven't made the right choice for leaving Wal-mart and in another way I feel as if I couldn't stay there any longer and I am glad to be gone. Make sense? *sigh* Life's choices are so hard sometime. As soon as I got this job, I started witnessing even taking prayer clothes to people at work. So, I know God is moving at this time even if I don't understand where I am at.
Venturing out with my husband and starting a freelance business (more about this soon), hoping this takes us somewhere. God only knows. Trusting in him. I do think that I will start hunting and praying for something else in the meantime. I really would like a data entry job and not customer service/sales support like I am doing. I'd prefer to work by myself not having to talk with ppl except a boss. LOL

Well, that is what has been going on in my mind! Thank you all for your prayers concerning my cousin! I did get to go to the funeral and visit with some family members. Got to see my dad! :D Can't wait to go back up that way and spend more than a day and a half.


Long week and a half!

Been wondering where I have been? My cousin PJ died July 9 (overdosed) and the funeral was this past Thursday. Hubby and I got up at 4:30AM and were out of the house by 5:30 to drive up to WV for the funeral that was at 11. Stayed at my cousin's house Thursday and Friday night and came home on Saturday. Got in around 11PM and went to bed. Got up Sunday AM for Sunday School, spent the afternoon at lunch with friends, Tiffhanie and Chris. Sunday night church and came home staying up until 1AM. Woke up and had to be at work by 9 today..

Tired and headed to bed!



Work has me so upset tonight. I just wish I knew what these reps wanted when they call me. I really hate when someone calls in for the Finance part of it. I had two customers on the phone earlier today and they both kept me on the phone for a half hour and I barely talked because I didn't know what to say or do for them! I really want to find another job! I like Convergys don't get me wrong, but I know there is something better out there for me. Well, that is all. I was in a typing mood earlier when I was more upset. I probably should have typed then... Oh well. So glad it is Friday tomorrow. Hope my work day goes back quick.


Hope You Had A Wonderful 4th

I loved my 3 day weekend!
So, we went to our friend Jim's place yesterday after church (only one service because of the holiday.) Had a great time although it was extremely hot!! Spent from 2 to 10 outside and no sunburn! Thanks to my friend Becci for bringing her kids Waterbabies sunblock! Enjoyed all the fireworks and ended up hiding behind Becci while Jim's son hid behind me because a few of them came to close to contact after going off in the sky! We had a great turnout for the party.
Anyways, my 4th was great. Now, I have to get to sleep so that I can wake in the morning. 4 day week! Excited about this too!


3-day Weekend!

Updating from my phone tonight because I forgot to update before shutting my computer off for the night.
Was doing the dishes tonight and while doing them I ended up thinking about food. And then my mind got to thinking about my Mom's spaghetti. How I can remember it tasting. How she liked it done really well and how she liked thin spaghetti. Then, all of a sudden I start bawling.
It was funny how such a little thought triggered an emotion. I miss her! And I miss my little guy that I lost one year n a month ago.
Three day weekend coming up! Work tomorrow and then off until Tues. I had a notion to go visit my dad and whoever wanted to visit with me could come over but don't think that will happen. Wish it would work out that way though.
Nite all.