3-day Weekend!

Updating from my phone tonight because I forgot to update before shutting my computer off for the night.
Was doing the dishes tonight and while doing them I ended up thinking about food. And then my mind got to thinking about my Mom's spaghetti. How I can remember it tasting. How she liked it done really well and how she liked thin spaghetti. Then, all of a sudden I start bawling.
It was funny how such a little thought triggered an emotion. I miss her! And I miss my little guy that I lost one year n a month ago.
Three day weekend coming up! Work tomorrow and then off until Tues. I had a notion to go visit my dad and whoever wanted to visit with me could come over but don't think that will happen. Wish it would work out that way though.
Nite all.



V said...

yesterday someone phoned in to the radio, named Donovan and i immediately thought of my brother who was still born when I was one, IMMEDIATELY SAD i was!!!
weird small things like that

Roxanna said...

That is true... it is really weird how something so small can spark a thought/feeling!