God only knows...

I am thinking that I haven't made the right choice for leaving Wal-mart and in another way I feel as if I couldn't stay there any longer and I am glad to be gone. Make sense? *sigh* Life's choices are so hard sometime. As soon as I got this job, I started witnessing even taking prayer clothes to people at work. So, I know God is moving at this time even if I don't understand where I am at.
Venturing out with my husband and starting a freelance business (more about this soon), hoping this takes us somewhere. God only knows. Trusting in him. I do think that I will start hunting and praying for something else in the meantime. I really would like a data entry job and not customer service/sales support like I am doing. I'd prefer to work by myself not having to talk with ppl except a boss. LOL

Well, that is what has been going on in my mind! Thank you all for your prayers concerning my cousin! I did get to go to the funeral and visit with some family members. Got to see my dad! :D Can't wait to go back up that way and spend more than a day and a half.

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V said...

It is said
Life is lived in a forward motion BUT can only be understood by looking back.

in time it will make sense. You may feel now that you are lost and unsure... But it is temporary :)
How do i know? Coz i am in the boat with you!! You could wave you know hehe ;)