Here I Go.

Started my endeavors in finding another job. Looking into retail again even though I don't really want to but I think I will like it alot more than where I am at. I applied at 3 Starbucks locations, McDonalds, and Borders. I am thinking about applying at Hot Head Burrito as well! Wish Me Luck!

I just know at this point in my life, the call center is not for me and God is going to help me find something.

It is 1:12AM and I have to work tomorrow. Too bad I couldn't take the next couple days off. I didn't feel good today (Wednesday) and called off. Stomach problems. Need to go to the doctor! UGH.

Going to bed. Nite.

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vonimoller said...

Together we are going to find a job even if it means starting something on my own!
I am with you gal!!!! WE CAN DO IT