Monday -Leftovers
Tuesday- Turkey Chili and Cornbread
Wednesday-Three Cheese Chicken
Thursday- Pierogies and Montreal Chicken
Friday- Out of town-Eating out.

Some of the same meals from last week because we didn't eat according to the plan :) And went out to eat a few times.


V said...

I hope i can get that 3 cheese chicken recipe?! Hint hint nudge nudge ;)

Roxanna said...

V! This recipe is store bought in a bag ;) hahaha It is good thought. Birds Eye Voila. I make the whole bag in the microwave and then just split it between the hubs. It is really good and great for those days you don't want to really cook. Just pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes, stir and then five minutes again. And done. :)