Thinking something shady goes on with certain companies....

Left work early yesterday because I was sick... Decided to stay home this morning. I am still not feeling that well but better than I was. Called Human Resources Direct about medical insurance and guess who didn't get to enroll in time (Because there wasn't an option to do so, and Convergys really didn't know about how to go about it because it is held by HR Direct.)? Me! (I am so upset.) And open enrollment is not until November and it wouldn't start until Jan 2011. So now there really isn't any use of staying at Convergys. I am needing to find another job quickly. So, I am going to be putting in some apps today and the rest of the week. Please bind with me that I find something.

I'll probably come on later and blog some more about what I am thinking about this whole Convergys insurance thing.

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