Okay so I am hoping that no one yells at me, in fact please don't yell at me. I'll just not appreciate it at this time. So, I am over here shedding some tears because of my stupidity. I really should have stayed part time at Walmart to keep the insurance. Honestly, how stupid am I. My sugar is REALLY high right now. I ran out of medicine and I haven't made it to the doctor for her to refill the prescription. I really have no control over what I am eating right now. I know I need to count the carbs and watch the portion control especially when not on meds. Am I doing that? No. *disappointed in myself*

So tomorrow is a new day and I have two choices to screw up or to start eating right. I've got to exercise too. I really need to find a buddy to do this with because I don't think I can do it on my own. LOL My hubby says he will but if I decide to do an exercise class or gym, I don't think he'll be joining me if it is all ladies ;)

The facts are that I know what I need to do and that I really need to do it because right this very second, I know that I don't want to leave this world due to not taking care of myself!!!! I've got to make an appointment and hope that my endocrinologist has after hours appts. Otherwise, I'll have to miss work and right now, my attendance can't afford that. And, pray that the bill isn't outrageous because of not having insurance.

What is funny is that with my sugar being this high, it is right now the highest I think I have every checked it out and I am so surprised that I am not feeling the affects of it being this high..... I could just use a miracle right now.


vonimoller said...

If only i lived closer I'd be your exercise buddy. I need a buddy too lol but i just ma go it alone. So i do know how you feel. Also trying to slow down eating junk and eat more healthy

Roxanna P said...

Yea, I have tried to cut the eating junk out! :) Been munching on nuts that are better for me than other carby junk food... My weakness is ice cream... gotta try to stop getting it! Been getting sugar free lately though and watching my portions.