Creating the Atmosphere

Not sure why I am inspired to write, maybe it is because of the challenge that is going over at Women Living Well this Fall! I am going to try my best to catch what she has to say this Monday and every Monday this month. She is going to be giving a physical challenge as well as a spiritual challenge. The first challenge physically for the home is to light a candle every day... I have been trying to do that lately... It is really strange that this is something that she is mentioning. But I am trying to create something in the atmosphere... a home-y feeling, a peace. Plus it makes the house smell good! :)

   /ˈætməsˌfɪər/ Show Spelled [at-muhs-feer] noun, verb, -a surrounding or pervading mood, environment, or influence:

Not only should we create this atmosphere in our homes but when it comes to spirituality, there should be an atmosphere created in us as well. I am hoping this fall that there is an influence of the Holy Ghost in my home.

Speaking of home, we are praying for God's will concerning purchasing a house. Please help us pray!

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DuggarFamFan08 said...


I stop over to check out her blog every now and again, I had ran across this post too. Lighting a candle, and placing it in your home...baking some bread. (= ahhh...the joys of housewifery! lol...

I love your blog background very cute, and thanks for posting reminded me I shouldn't just create a peacful haven in my home, but also in my heart.

Many Blessings!


PS> Thank you for visiting my blog!