First off, thank you Liz for that link you provided me with. I haven't went to it yet but I will possibly tomorrow evening.

This evening I have been printing out forms for the IRS. I've gotta go get my finger prints done and I have to take around 14 forms with me! LOL I applied for a job that starts in February and got through the first step, now on to the second step. I do have to wait for my birth certificate though... Praying it comes before the 12th because that is why I go get my finger prints done and I have to have it!!! I did however run out of paper and need to get some tomorrow. Oh, the job I have applied for is Data Transcriber. I've got faith that things will work out. Jehovah Jireh.

A lot seems to be going on right now. There for a moment it seemed like nothing was happening but now tons of stuff is happening. We are wanting to get a house and are trying to get stuff together for that. Plus, I am searching for a new job. Hopefully, I do get on at that IRS... I'd love that pay and possibly time off while they don't need me. I am applying at Family Christian Bookstore tomorrow. They are having a job fair from 6 to 8! I will be headed that way with my resume after I get off at Convergys. Jesus, help me!!! Hopefully, my schedule is flexible enough for them. I'll let them know that I can work on Sundays but only from 1 to 5 due to church. They may understand. HAHA
Jehovah Jireh.

Hoping they have an insurance plan... regardless, I need to make a couple of doctor's appts and if it has to go on a credit card so be it ;) Sugar is dropped but it still needs to drop further, I am watching what I eat as much as I can without meds right now.
Jehovah Jireh.

Well, I should have been in bed 45 minutes ago so I guess I will say ~ Nite.

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