Blogging Tag Line and Name....

So, I've taken my header down and changed the layout of my blog... However, I am really trying to come up with a name and tagline. I just don't want it to be just my name any more (like it is now)... so plain ya know?

Anyways, I am behind on my bible reading already! I may not make it through the Bible this year... I am however really hoping too!

I am excited to be starting the James Book Club this coming Monday. I have a really cute journal that I am going to use in this 12 week study. If you'd like to join in, visit this link: James Book Club - Good Morning Girls

In other news, I am still waiting on the IRS to contact me back concerning the Data Transcriber Job! I am going to send them an email tomorrow at some point just to let them know that I am very much interested. I hope it is just for the fact that it isn't starting until February that they didn't call me yet. And not for the fact that they don't want/need me. *insert a displeased needing to get away from Customer Service Phone Job girl with sad face here* Hoping for a returned email with dates that training starts... definitely hoping that this happens!!!

Praying that my husband gets a new job as well! He is going to be applying for a job at University of Cincinnati in the IT dept. This would be great if he could get it because he did go to college for this type of stuff. Right now working as Parts Coordinator at MicroCenter is okay but this UC job offers better benefits and salary pay. He said that he is still praying about applying. I say it wouldn't hurt to apply and then pray. Also, if he got it we could both go back to school there. I don't have any problems with that. I'd love to go.

So remember me stating that I need a tagline and name... well, if you have any ideas for a cute inspirational blog name and tagline let me know! Please... so that I can move on with the blog updates... hahaha.


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