Do Not Be Deceived....

James 1:16

Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren.

So, I have been studying James with Good Morning Girls. Going on my third week starting on Monday. We are still on the first chapter. I am a little behind because I let my flesh get in the way instead of studying the word (fell asleep and then was too tired to do the study) so I just now did James 1:16-18 which should have been done as of yesterday! *shame on me* Anyways, I just wanted to share a little bit of what has stuck out to me and maybe it will be a little reminder to you.

So, James writes to the people and tells them to not be deceived. Why? Because obviously there are influences/people out there in the world that will try to mislead you. Deceived also means double-cross, beguiled and betray... Have you ever been double-crossed? Have you ever been beguiled or betrayed? Of course, we all have. Satan, wants to try and make us believe things that are not true. What James is telling these people is to not give into those things that only last for a season. We should not wander from the word of God. We need to stay strong and focus! Boy, this does preach doesn't it! haha

God, let me not wander from your Word. I cannot allow myself to be misled!

Have a good night!

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