A Merry Christmas To Me and So Far a Happy New Year!


So here is a list of what I got for Christmas, hubby got gift cards as well and two belts, a watch that we already took back, a Green Lantern action figure from his mom! LOL :) and some Nautica cologne.
*$100 money order from my Dad and sister Robin&family
*$50 Visa gift card from Allen&Nancy&mybrotherCody
*2 $10 Chipotle Gift Cards one from MIL/FIL and other from Granny
*Santa Clause Ornament from ornament exchange with family
*Book by Nicholas Sparks (forget the title and it is out in my car... haha Got this from a guy named Nicholas at work. We played Secret Santa and he had me.)
*$15 IHOP Card from MIL/FIL
*$20 Catos card from Aunt Pam via gift exchange
*$25 Visa Gift Card from MIL/FIL
*?$$ Cato card from MIL/FIL I think it is $50.
*Scrapbook that all the cards was in. It is really cute. She wants it back so she can use it next year so I am assuming we get Gift cards next year!
*WiiFit Plus from the hubby. I kinda hinted I wanted it. LOL It would have been nice to get something else though...
*The Biggest Loser Challenge for WiiFit Plus.
There is probably a couple other things but I can't think of them.

New Year Goals

No, not at all are they resolutions. I was thinking about this before tonight and made up in my mind that it was going to be goals that I set and not resolutions because resolutions I break. Right before the message, Bro. Roland got up and stated the difference between goals and resolutions! I am glad that there was some confirmation there! He preached tonight a message titled "Praising Ahead Of A Miracle" and I am hoping this year to do that. I will dance in advance... I will praise like Paul and Silas when they were in prison! All their chains were loosed, they praised ahead!
So just a few of my goals this year in no particular order:

*Draw Closer to My Jesus! Pray more!
Read more: I got myself a new Bible on Black Friday. It is a study bible. I hope to wear it out this year.
*Drop some more weight. I've lost 20 lbs so far. Making small goals on this goal. My next weight to lose is 10 lbs and then I will go from there!
*Pay the credit card down to at least half of where it is now
*Exercise more - I got a WiiFit Plus for Christmas and I love it. Also got The Biggest Loser Challenge for it... This should help me in dropping weight. About 2 hours ago, I did a workout after coming home from the Watch Night Service
*Buy a house.
*Blog more
*Maybe start taking a college class

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